Bitdefender Vs. Norton | Which Antivirus Is Better?

Both Bitdefender and Norton have been around for years. They are two of the best antivirus programs from a company that has been in business for decades, so which one is better?

As you might expect, there isn’t an easy answer to this question. Not every product line from every company will be 100% perfect for everyone who needs to protect their computer from viruses or other types of malware. However, there are some things that you can learn about both Bitdefender and Norton by looking at each provider separately. Then make a comparison between these options as well as a few others just like them.

So let’s take a closer look at Bitdefender vs. Norton! The blog post will help you make that decision by exploring the similarities and differences in these two well-known brands’ features, pricing, and performance.

1. Features

Bitdefender and Norton both have a complete set of features, including system scans and updates, bundled email and web security suites, and virtual systems for different uses. However, Bitdefender’s website offers an even more comprehensive range of tools to maximize PC protection.

While the two companies differ in terms of their activation process (Norton requires a subscription, while Bitdefender’s “Total Security” plan allows users to activate their protection), both companies provide malware prevention features and must be started by the user.

2. Malware Protection

Bitdefender antivirus provides a deeper level of virus identification than Norton does. The company offers a program that recognizes viruses on sight without further definition. Rather than simply detecting them after they have infected a file or system. While this is not necessarily a significant factor, it proves the company puts customer service first.

  • Unlike many competing security packages on the market today, Bitdefender Premium security allows its customers to receive full tech support.
  • Furthermore, Bitdefender updates its software automatically. It helps prevent malware infections by ensuring that the latest virus definitions are in place at all times.
  • If you are using the real-time webcam protection features of Bitdefender or Norton, you will notice that it’s running all the time.
  • The feature prevents any unknown programs from infecting your computer. So you won’t get infected even if there is a malicious email in your inbox right now or if there are some files on your desktop.
  • It can also prevent malware from hiding/running in the background when it’s not needed anymore.


3. System Performance

A recent study found Bitdefender to have one of the least impactful system performance results on tested machines, while Norton was the best for this metric. Consumers considering a purchase should know that Norton will require roughly 8 GB of hard drive space for complete installation. In contrast, Bitdefender only needs 1 GB to start, making it a somewhat more economical option. You can also set parental controls while buying for your kid.

4. User-Friendliness

Norton’s user interface is clean and features clearly labeled buttons for easy navigation across various menus, including “Scan,” “Settings,” and “Help.” However, Bitdefender’s browser toolbar offers better features than Norton 360, such as Virus Radar, which allows users to scan websites for viruses before they click on them.

  • It is without having to launch a full system scan first (which can take several minutes).
  • While both companies provide anti-malware protection services, Bitdefender’s pack of eight different tools has more variety than Norton 360 does.
  • Each tool provides consumers with an easy way to use the product without interrupting their daily activities.

5. Impact on PC Performance

Bitdefender tends to have less impact on system performance than Norton does, making it a more economical choice. While both companies’ antivirus suites can slow down a PC’s boot time and make applications run more slowly, Bitdefender is not as bad for this metric as its competitor.

Consumers who need the absolute best for their dollar should consider Bitdefender because it provides better protection with a lower impact on PC performance. Also, they have the password manager option for your ease.

6. Handling Unknown Malware

When there’s malware not known by either Bitdefender or Norton, they will both stop the file from running and delete it after you close the program. Bitdefender also has a behavior blocker that learns what ‘good’ programs look like and blocks malicious actions.

Both Norton and Bitdefender’s internet security features allow you to decide how you want them to handle new files. Also, the malware protection capabilities will help you with identity theft protection.


7. Customer Satisfaction

Norton has been in business for a long time and has managed to earn excellent customer satisfaction ratings over the years. Hence proving that consumers can depend upon its quality, support abilities, and online security features when they choose the product over the competition.

Bitdefender’s Internet security software entry into the market has also met with much success. Also, its overall customer satisfaction rate is still relatively high. You can also consider Hitman pro or Avast as an economical substitute.


Will Bitdefender Find Malware?

Yes. Bitdefender uses a combination of cloud and on-device technologies to detect malware that other products miss without slowing down your computer.

With Bitdefender’s proactive browsing capabilities, you can surf the web safely with no popups or unknown search results. And if you’re looking for additional features, consider Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device. It includes everything in Internet Security plus anti-ransomware protection against cybercriminals who may hijack files or lock your PC’s data. Your files will be recoverable through a dedicated decryption service.

How Does Bitdefender Protect Against Online Threats?

Bitdefender scans webpages for malicious content, including phishing sites. When you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network, it warns you about the security level of the web so that you know whether to proceed or go elsewhere. You can also have Bitdefender scan your email inbox for potential threats.

When Should I Update My Software?

Always install updates as soon as they are available. It will ensure maximum protection against cybercriminals who constantly find new ways to bypass security systems and infect computers. Updates should be applied automatically unless otherwise specified by your operating system settings.

Bitdefender vs Norton: Malware Protection

Does Norton Antivirus Offer Free Customer Support?

Norton 360 offers free customer support 24/7 via phone or live chat.

Is Bitdefender Worth The Price?

Bitdefender is an antivirus program that protects your computer from malware threats, ransomware, and other online threats. This software comes with the following features: anti-phishing shields to protect against identity theft, automatic updates so you can always stay up to date on all things cybersecurity. Also, there are related social networking safety guides to keep your children safe while browsing their favorite social media sites and much more.

What Is False-Positive Virus Identification?

False-positive virus identification happens when an antivirus marks something as infected that is safe or doesn’t have any real viruses at all. It could also mistakenly delete files that are needed by other programs on the computer.

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