Unbiased Hitmanpro Review 2021 | All You Need To Know

HitmanPro is antivirus software that removes malware and prevents you from getting hacked. Designed to work with the Kaspersky engine, it’s not too heavy on your computer. But does have some significant system requirements to scan efficiently without overloads or crashes.

It offers full-scale protection against viruses by using its proprietary technology, which provides high levels of detection rates. Also, being lightweight enough so as not to burden performance significantly. HitmanPro is an excellent choice for users who want an antivirus that protects them as well. The interface is understandable, and it has excellent results in usability tests too!

Our HitmanPro review will cover multiple aspects in detail.

Sophos and HitmanPro

HitmanPro has been the product of Sophos since it acquired Surfright in 2015. It releases all updates as part of its branding. And before that, it was initially developed by them with no relation to any other company! Overall, the hitman pro malware removal tool is excellent security software for malware protection.

Reliability and Security

HitmanPro has a very high rate of detection, thanks to cloud computing technology. It combines data from several servers and uses scan engines specially designed for each unique file type or threat signature they may encounter on the system. Also, while looking out for potentially dangerous items as well so you can rest easy knowing your information won’t get in any more trouble than necessary!

The innovative feature which sets this program apart is its ability to identify malware without ever blocking anything. Hitman Pro alert about any malware that is on your computer and gives real-time protection. It can also remove viruses with just two clicks! But remember that the free version has limited options.

Reliability and Security



Package Features Of HitmanPro Malware Removal Tool

The newly released software has two packages to choose from, Malware Removal and Alert. Regardless of your choice, the license length is one year with three computers protected or nine years on one computer. Let’s discuss the features in detail.

1. HitmanPro

HitmanPro is a perfect tool to use if you want an extra layer of protection. It can scan and remove any threats already in your system, but Hitmanpro won’t protect against ransomware or anything else. It’s just there as another form of malware prevention.

2. HitmanPro Alert

With the most expensive tier, Hitmanpro promises to protect you from ransomware and other malware. It has features such as real-time protection against threats like PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), keyloggers that can be installed on your computer without being noticed by users to log their every move while they’re browsing online.

Also, an exploit might occur when installing software updates automatically without user intervention, or even worse, webcam capture! The pricing compared to free versions is justified due to these perks.

Ransomware Protection

The CryptoGuard feature protects against ransomware and other malware. It is done by automatically analyzing encrypted files for malicious behavior and creating backups before removing unwanted content from your computer. All while being 100% automatic!

Protects Of Vulnerable Programs

HitmanPro Alert is a program for protecting vulnerable programs. The list includes standard Windows apps like Word and Excel, but they can also protect you from hackers if you find their backdoors. It protects your private data from malicious files as well!

Privacy Protection

The Hitman Pro Alert program, is a great way to protect yourself from keyloggers. Not only does it keep your personal information safe, but the encryption also protects you against hacking exploits! It can even detect if someone turns on our webcam without us knowing about it. This feature alone makes this tool worth every penny in our opinion. You can also check for Avast antivirus software as an alternative.

HitmanPro Alert



Trial Version Of Anti-Malware Software

Hitmanpro is one of the most potent malware protection tools you can get for your computer. It offers a free, month-long trial to allow you to take advantage of all its features. All the features in the test and paid version are the same. Users can download Hitman and get started with their 30-day unlimited access right away!

  • The Hitman trials are the perfect opportunity to try out a stress-free and completely free marketing platform.
  • All you need is your first name, second name, email address! Once this info has been collected from you, a Download button will appear on the screen.
  • It weighs only 4.6MBs, so downloading shouldn’t take more than one or two minutes at most.
  • You can then enjoy the 30-day free trial for malware detection from suspicious files and keep your online banking process safe.
  • You can also use it to detect threats from your USB flash drive and Windows operating system.

Customer Service

HitmanPro has a lot of potential for improving customer service. There are many methods they could use to offer faster and more professional help. It does not provide customer support through email or live chat, which is a shame since these two are the best ways to get professional help. But you can still get help through the FAQ section and email in case of ambiguity.

Anti-Malware Software

Is Hitmanpro Safe To Use?

Yes, the Hitman software is safe and secure to use. HitmanPro is the best malware removal tool for safely removing and destroying all types of harmful software. It quickly identifies bad behavior that gives away your computer without relying on signatures or anti-malware programs.

It is the best option for getting rid of zero-day (brand-new) threats. Also, it’s usually on par with its rivals, and it works incredibly well when paired up with other traditional antivirus solutions.

Bringing It All Together

Hitman Pro is the perfect tool for identifying unsafe files and programs, designed to eliminate the remnants of files you do not remove when scanning with antivirus. Before purchasing licensed versions, you can run HitmanPro free of charge to check your computer’s status. It relies on cloud technology which provides impressively high rates in general and individual scan outcomes exceptionally.



When the system is infected with a rootkit, HitmanPro can help you get back on track. It does not slow down your computer, and it’s easy to use even if you aren’t very savvy about computers! The support system leaves users alone for now, but you can spend time via mail to tackle it.

If you have any questions about this review or want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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