Best WiFi Routers for Long Range – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Are you facing poor network issues despite having a decent WIFI router? It’s because the routers you normally use cover a room or a limited space. If you share this internet service with multiple users, your network coverage is likely to suffer.

On the other hand, if you use WIFI when you’re located farther away from the device, the network quality will suffer even more. So, to get high-quality internet coverage throughout your apartment or residence, you need to pick one of the best WIFI routers for long range.

Our Recommendation: ASUS RT-AC88U

But you have the liberty to choose – to help you out, we have compiled the top long range WIFI routers in this post, along with their reviews. Check them out!

Want to buy the best long range wireless router but don’t have much time? Here’s a sneak peek at the products on our list.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best WIFI Routers For Long Range 2021:



Google Nest WIFI

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12

TP-Link Archer AX10

Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band WIFI Router


Whether you run an office or work from home, a long range router can significantly enhance your signal strength. And, if you have a vast residence, these high-quality routers will offer fantastic network coverage on every corner. So, you and other family members can enjoy uninterrupted WIFI coverage!

Online video streaming, high-speed gaming, and remote working have given rise to a plethora of long range routers in the market. Therefore, to prevent you from getting confused while picking the best long-range router, we’ve reviewed the best of the lot here.

ASUS RT-AC88U WIFI Router- The Best WiFi Routers for Long Range

We start our list of best WIFI routers for long range with the ASUS RT-AC88U, a powerhouse of a device. Offering a WIFI speed of 3,100 Mbps, this router is excellent for work, gaming, or video streaming effortlessly. Its unique NitroQAM technology lets you complete all your tasks seamlessly, without any lags at all.

It also comes with a revolutionary MU-MIMO Technology, which allows you to connect multiple devices to the device. Moreover, it doesn’t slow down the network even after this. So, the long range router is ideal for vast residences where many members use the same network.

And that’s not all! The router has eight Gigabit LAN ports for added convenience. As a result, you can comfortably add smart TVs, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes to the router. You just need to make sure that the connected devices are all 802.11ac-compatible.

Further, the efficient 1. 4 Gigahertz dual-core processor makes USB transfer, downloads, and uploads faster than ever before.


• Has one USB 3.0 and eight Gigabit LAN ports
• Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8
• Offers a maximum speed of 3,100 Mbps
• 2. 4 GigaHertz coverage spans offers services across 5,000 sq. ft.
• Connected devices need to be 802.11ac-compatible

  • Vast coverage ideal for large homes and offices
  • AiProtection blocks harmful sites enhancing safety
  • Easily configure the device with ASUS Router App
  • Excellent for 4K video streaming and gaming
  • High-speed file transfer and web browsing
  • Back antennas may cause WAN coverage issues


The next entry on our list of best WIFI routers for long range is the NETGEAR Orbi, an outstanding mesh router. If you want uninterrupted service all around the house, you’ll love this. It offers you coverage of 5,000 square feet, with a maximum speed of 3,000 Mbps, so you’re sorted.

Want some more? The WIFI router has an additional tri-band feature that frees up the other two bands in the device, increasing the speed. So, it offers you a seamless experience on all your connected devices without interruptions. Therefore, this feature sets the device apart from the rest.

With this device, streaming HD movies to many devices will be a breeze. Also, you can enjoy a completely lag-free gaming experience, thanks to its seamless network. In addition, it also comes with some additional satellites that let you extend the coverage to 2,500 feet.

Moreover, it works with all types of internet service providers, so cable, fiber, DSL, or satellite won’t be an issue.


• The coverage area of 500 square feet can be extended
• Four LAN ports and one USB 2.0 port
• The product includes a tri-band backhaul for better service
• Compatible with almost any internet service provider
• Parental controls and security features also available

  • Seamless internet connectivity throughout your house
  • Easy installation, customization, and testing using the Orbi app
  • NETGEAR Armor offers protection against malware
  • Online activity monitoring via Smart Parental Controls
  • Lag-free gaming and HD video streaming
  • No USB 3.0 port included

Google Nest WIFI

If you’re searching for an excellent mesh router that is affordable, it can’t get better than this. Google Nest WIFI is a very flexible and high-quality device that offers wide coverage. Covering an area of 4,400 square feet, this device is ideal for homes and offices.

It is easily compatible with your internet service provider’s modem and gets installed in no time. Moreover, it can tackle up to 200 connected devices. Most importantly, it also streams 4K videos and movies effortlessly. So, casual online gaming will be a breeze too!

What makes the device one of the best WIFI routers for long range is its seamlessness. To clarify, you can walk from one room to another on a video call without interruptions. Further, if you use voice-controlled smart home devices, Google Nest is compatible with them too.

Likewise, if you’re a parent and want maximum control over your child’s online activity, Google Nest WIFI offers convenient parental controls. So, this compact, good-looking device can easily improve your overall connectivity in no time.


• Offers a speed of 2,200 Mbps
• Covers an area of up to 4,400 square feet
• Suitable for small or medium spaces
• Compatible with smart devices
• Includes 2 Ethernet ports

  • Seamless connectivity throughout your home or office
  • Easy to set up and install using Google Home App
  • Advances security chip and auto-updates for enhances protection
  • Parental controls for pausing WIFI and monitoring activity
  • Excellent features at an affordable price
  • No USB port and Ethernet supports only one router

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12

For those who are looking for a speedster, the NETGEAR Nighthawk is the best you’ll find. To clarify, it offers you a maximum speed of 6,000 Mbps and coverage of 3,500 sq ft. Therefore, this is among the best WIFI routers for the long range currently in the market.

The device is easily compatible with all internet service providers. So, you can replace your existing router with this high-speed gadget without hesitation! Due to its aggregation of two Ethernet ports, the router can support multi-gig internet plans. All you need is a compatible fiber that supports multi-gig speeds to get started.

Talking about usability, the Nighthawk app makes it super simple to set it up in minutes. In addition, you can use this app to test WIFI speeds, pause the connection and access the network remotely.

Lastly, it comes with a NETGEAR Armor, which is powered by BitDefender for safeguarding your online activities. So, issues like malware, data theft, and viruses are no longer a problem. To sum it up, playing MMORPG and creating videos for YouTube are going to be epic!


• Maximum area coverage of 3,500 sq ft
• Compatible with most internet service providers
• Comes with two USB 3.0 ports
• 4 gigabit LAN ports included
• Supports up to 12 WIFI data streams

  • Offers 6,000 Mbps which is five times faster
  • Uninterrupted streaming of movies, playing games, and video calls
  • You’re protected by BitDefender
  • Supports multi-gig connections with port aggregation
  • Ideal for multiple users who like staying connected all-day
  • Doesn’t work well with Windows desktops

TP-Link Archer AX10

Are you tired of spending loads on expensive WIFI routers without results? Then, this router will surely impress you. The TP-Link Archer is one of the best long range wireless router options currently in the market. Further, it’s fast, efficient, and will be well under your budget.

Even though it doesn’t boast its expansive coverage area, this decent device covers 2,500 square feet easily. Moreover, it brings you 1.5 Gbps of speed and comes equipped with next-gen WIFI six technology. So, fewer lags and even lesser buffering!

This dual-band router offers amazing speeds when it comes to online multiplayer gaming or video streaming. In addition, it comes with an outstanding combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies. As a result, your network spreads to almost all corners of your house with commendable speeds.

Want to play some virtual reality games? Our Archer router has a Tri-Core processor that makes it effortlessly fun! So, this is a power-packed device but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

• Supports WIFI 6 for smoother connectivity
• Comes with 4 gigabit LAN ports
• Dual-band router but its antennas are fixed
• Has a triple-core 1. 5 GHz processor for better communication
• Compatible with all WIFI devices and 802.11 standards

  • WIFI 6 technology and OFDMA 1024-QAM enhances speed
  • The TP-Link app allows simple set up and installation
  • Beamforming technology and antennas for reliable signal strength
  • Target Wake Time (TWT) feature improves the battery life
  • Handles multiple connected devices with ease
  • No USB ports available

Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band WIFI Router

The next product on our list of the best WIFI routers for long range is the Linksys EA9500. It is an excellent product that comes with MU-MIMO technology and eight antennas. So, you will enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your home or office after buying this.

What about coverage? It blankets your home or office up to 3,000 square feet for buffer-free streaming, gaming, and more. Moreover, multiple users across all corners of the area will be able to experience uninterrupted service. It can connect up to 25 devices at a time!

If you want to transfer files quickly and efficiently, it has eight Ethernet ports to connect with wired devices. Moreover, it has two fast USB ports for shared printers and connecting storage devices. It has a powerful dual-core processor that lets it do all this with ease.

To sum it up, this powerful router offers outstanding features, ease of use, and efficiency. Moreover, it will be an excellent addition to small offices or residences.


• Tri-band router equipped with MU-MIMO technology
• Supports up to 25 wireless gadgets
• Offers up to 3,000 square feet of network coverage
• Powerful Dual-Core Processor for maximum performance
• 8 Ethernet ports included

  • Simple plug-and-play setup without CD installation
  • Overcome bandwidth fluctuations with device prioritization
  • Targeted signals enhance WIFI connection quality
  • Parental controls to block inappropriate sites and content
  • Easily create a separate guest network using the app
  • It is a little bulky


We wrap up our list of best WIFI routers for long range with the GRYPHON mesh router, an excellent device for homes and offices. Its wireless mesh technology ensures you receive the best signal even if the area is huge. With coverage of 3,000 sq. ft. and a host of other features, this is a must-have device.

The router offers a speed of 3 Gbps, so streaming movies, HD videos, and online gaming will be perfectly fine. Moreover, it has six high-powered antennas and beamforming technology; your signal will be uninterrupted throughout the house. Furthermore, you can also buy additional units to extend your coverage.

Where the product stands out is its security and parental controls. The router comes with ESET Technology, which filters malware, viruses, and prevents IoT issues. Moreover, the device is upgraded regularly by security updates and patches.

Talking about parental controls, the router comes with an easy-to-use mobile app. So, it allows you to keep an eye out on your child’s online activity, block harmful websites, and disable apps. In addition, you can pause the internet whenever you want.


• Six high powered antennas and 4×4 beamforming technology
• It’s WPA3 compatible and a 3 Gbps speed
• One WAN port and three Gigabit LAN ports
• Mesh technology with easy to use Gryphon app
• Modern design and functionalities

  • Fast speed and excellent coverage
  • Monitor internet usage with advanced parental controls
  • Prioritize devices for reduced buffering and a better experience
  • Free 12 month trial of internet protection
  • Daily security updates for protection against the latest threats
  • The brand’s customer service isn’t efficient

Buying Guide For Best WIFI Routers For Long Range

best wifi routers for long range

When you begin searching online, you’ll find plenty of options for long-range routers apart from the ones we discussed above. As all these devices offer you an array of features and functionalities, it might leave you in a fix! So, you need to be a smart buyer to pick the best product for yourself.

Therefore, we have listed some factors you need to keep in mind while searching through the best WIFI routers for long range. Have a look!

Router Type


There are two main types of long-range routers you’ll come across – traditional WIFI systems and mesh routers.

To clarify, traditional long range routers have powerful antennas, amplifiers, and enhanced signal strength. These features enable the device to cover a large area of your home or office. However, their network strength can be affected by obstacles such as walls or pillars.

On the other hand, mesh WIFI routers can expand the network coverage using additional units. So, these devices can cover tricky floor plans in residences easily. Also, they can handle many devices together and offer quality service to all of them.

Therefore, if you have a complicated housing structure and are willing to spend more, get a mesh WIFI router. Or, if you have a simple housing plan and want excellent coverage, a traditional router will be the best fit.

MU-MIMO And Beamforming Technology


These are two crucial technologies present in most modern routers. MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) lets you drive the full strength of your signal to particular devices. So, it doesn’t share the bandwidth across all connected devices.

If you have an IoT device or a WIFI-controlled security camera with connectivity issues, a router with MU-MIMO technology will be ideal.

Likewise, the Beamforming technology also helps you boost the signal in a particular direction rather than a specific gadget. It will be useful while improving the signal over an area, such as your study room. Moreover, it also enhances the signal strength over long distances.

So, try to pick a router having a combination of both these technologies.



One of the most important factors while looking at the best WIFI routers for long range is speed. In other words, the router’s speed depends on their supported frequencies. As most long range routers use the 802.11ac standard, you’ll get 2.4 to 3 Gbps speeds in 5 GHz frequencies. On 2.4 GHz frequencies, you’ll get around 600 Mbps of speed.

Moreover, many modern routers use 802.11ax or WIFI 6 standard offer a speed of 4.8 Gbps on a 5 GHz frequency band. So, if your requirements are minimal, you can pick a router with a speed of 1.5 Gbps.

On the other hand, if the network gets shared with many users, a speed of 3,100 Mbps will do the trick!



While selecting the best long distance router, you need to check the number of ports in it. Each long range router you’ll come across has several ports. So, more ports mean you’ll be able to connect more wired devices to the router.

Likewise, some routers come with 4 or 5 ports, and some with even more. As most of your devices will use the internet wirelessly, you might not need to use all these ports.

However, if your network is huge, such as an office setting, you might need to connect some devices directly to the router.



Most long range routers have excellent security features like firewalls and WPA encryption standards to safeguard your network. You might also find routers with VPN implementations and security software. Therefore, try to pick one with free or trial versions of security software, which you can upgrade later.

You also have to consider parental controls if children are using the network. Further, this feature in most long range routers puts you in charge of your network usage.

So, you can block inappropriate sites, set screen/ usage limits, monitor activity, and even pause the service.

Best WiFi Routers for Long Range: Frequently Asked Questions


wifi routers for long range buying guide

If you’re still having some doubts about which long-range router to choose, these frequently asked questions will give you more clarity.

Do I Really Need A Long Range Router?


It depends upon your situation and where you’re using the router. If you’re facing poor network signals and bandwidth issues in your home, it means your current WIFI isn’t doing its job. Moreover, if you have a vast housing plan, the signals might not be reaching all corners of your home. As a result, interruptions lag and too much buffering.

Similar issues can happen in your office too. If some employees enjoy uninterrupted service while others aren’t, it’s time to get a long-range router.

Which Is The Best Long Range Wireless Router For Complicated Floor Plans?


For homes or offices having tricky floor plans, mesh routers are the best, such as the NETGEAR Orbi on our list. It’s because your WIFI signal may weaken when it comes across physical obstructions such as pillars or walls.

Mesh routers have broader coverage and sophisticated features which enable them to avoid these obstacles and offer excellent network service.

Moreover, the mesh routers distribute the signal from multiple points. It also analyses the signals and connects your devices to the one having the best signal strength. However, mesh routers are a bit pricey, so they’ll suit you if you have a higher budget.

Does A High-Speed Router Have Better Range?


That’s not always the case, as you can sit right beside a router and enjoy faster speeds. However, when you move away from the device, the speed can deteriorate significantly.

It happens as the router cannot keep the signal strength intact when you’re moving farther away from it. So, high-speed isn’t the only factor to check when buying a long range router.

A long range WIFI router will solve your purpose. To clarify, these devices have powerful antennas and signal amplifiers. These can keep the signal strength stronger when it travels to any corner of your house.

Long-distance routers also handle obstacles like walls better.

How Important Is The QoS Feature In Long Range WIFI Routers?


The QoS (Quality of Service) is a crucial and handy feature for any long-range WIFI router. Normally, all long-range WIFI routers distribute the signal among all the connected devices. There’s no special preference here as to which device will get the highest priority.

However, this can change if your router comes equipped with the QoS feature.

In addition, QoS functionality allows users to set the priority of a connected device. Therefore, it’s up to you which device will get most of the bandwidth and get the remaining signal. Moreover, some routers let you create guest networks to limit internet access for some users.

Can A Modern Long Range Router Improve My Coverage?


Yes, it can. Most of the devices on our list of the best WIFI routers for long range have excellent coverage. Picking one of these will be sufficient for a large apartment or office space.

However, complicated areas having too many walls, furniture, pillars, or other obstacles can hamper the WIFI coverage. In those cases, you need a mesh WIFI router that can send powerful signals through these obstacles.

How Far Should I Place My Router From The Modem?


You should place your long range WIFI router 3 feet apart from the modem as a rule of thumb. That is important as placing them too close can create network issues. It happens as when they’re close together, their signals get messed up.

In addition, also make sure there are not many obstacles in front of your router and modem.

Summing Up


In this era of remote working and online classes, a WIFI router has become a necessity. If your home is not very huge, a small router with decent signal strength will be enough. But if your residence is big and there are plenty of users, you need to pick a router from our list of the best WIFI routers for long range.

As you’ve understood by now, these devices are power-packed and cover huge areas effectively. Depending on your requirements, you can select a traditional or mesh long-range WIFI router. Although mesh routers are a bit expensive, they offer more features than the traditional ones.

Long-range routers also put you in the driver’s seat of your home’s internet service. Therefore, using the WIFI setup apps, parental controls, and other features, your internet experience will skyrocket very soon!

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