What Is Mouse Acceleration? How To Turn It Off?

When it comes to gaming, mouse settings are the priority for your basic skills. Inappropriate mouse settings don’t allow you to give your true potential and hold you back from your real potential. If your mouse pointer isn’t settling up quite where you expect it to, you may be facing a problem with a feature called “mouse acceleration.”

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

Windows 10’s mouse acceleration is an incredible innovation that makes your cursor move, concerning speed rather than the distance you move. For example, moving your mouse with a slow physical speed will not carry a lot, whereas moving it with high speed with less space will be called mouse acceleration.

Mouse acceleration allows the cursor and crosshair to move faster, depending on how fast you move the cursor.

Types Of Mouse Acceleration

There are two basic types a mouse accelerator can manifest.

1. Positive Mouse Acceleration

When mouse acceleration is working, the distance covered by the mouse sensor and the speed of the flow of the mouse is noted in the record. The space your mouse pointer moves increase directly to how fast you move the mouse. This type of mouse movement is called Positive Mouse Acceleration. It is far more common than negative mouse acceleration, and it is explained as the faster you move the cursor, the greater the distance you will travel.

2. Negative Mouse Acceleration

In negative acceleration, the pointer moves less distance as compared to the speed of the mouse. This shouldn’t be supposed to happen and can be directed to a defective mouse sensor or a bug in a video game.

Mouse Acceleration

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10?

Mouse acceleration is a feature that alters the rate your mouse pointer moves. Switching off this feature may be helpful if you are a gamer. Disabling mouse acceleration isn’t very hard and is explained below.

  • Open Control Panel from the window search bar or start menu.
  • Under the menu of Hardware and Software, select the Device and printer option.
  • There will appear the mouse option. Right-click the mouse option and enter into the mouse settings.
  • In Mouse Settings, open up the Pointer Options tab.
  • There you will see the Motion option, select the pointer speed as you like, and keep that in mind that Enhance Pointer Precision checkbox isn’t selected.
  • Select the Ok option to lock your settings and apply the options to your main screen.

Disable Mouse Acceleration

Is Mouse Acceleration Considerable For Gaming?

The majority of windows gamers claim that mouse acceleration is poor for gaming. They think that moving the same pixels is more precise and consistent, not considering the slow or fast mouse movements are.

However, some players prefer to turn on the Windows mouse acceleration from mouse properties for better results. Also, consider internet safety while gaming.

Why You Should Not Use Mouse Acceleration In Games?

In games, we use the mouse to aim, and mouse acceleration can outrun your accuracy. Of course, if you’ve been playing continuously with acceleration for the whole time, you’ve probably known how to neutralize for it.

If you turn off mouse acceleration, it will require a period of improvement. You can also find yourself in a problem that you don’t like the changes even after adjusting. Yet, having consistent mouse speed for your in-game targeting should result in better accuracy.

Mouse Acceleration Vs. Mouse Smoothing

As mouse acceleration is explained above, now we are going to talk about mouse smoothing. Mouse smoothing is computing raw input data from the mouse to prevent unpleasant movement in low-resolution mice.

This technique was generally applied for ball mice because they do not have high resolution, and the cursor jumps a few pixels at one move. This technique was so invented that it allows to compute raw data from the mouse and create additional data to finalize the smooth movement of the mouse.

Mouse Acceleration And Ingame Settings

If it seems that windows settings have disabled mouse acceleration, but it also appears for a specific game, you should turn mouse acceleration off. While there is no natural or universal way to solve this problem, but there are four standard methods

  • Switch to the menu of the game and change the settings.
  • To turn off this feature in the game, use command lines.
  • To select a configuration file for it.
  • Adding startup parameters to a game viably.

Mouse Speed

Once you have entirely modified your Windows settings, you can focus on the mouse speed for more comfort. You must follow the following ways for your convenience.

Mouse Speed

1. Change Your DPI

If you are a gamer and using a non-gaming mouse, you are in serious need. If you are using a mouse with changeable DPI settings, you can change it by your buttons on the mouse or by the particular software with the mouse.

2. What is DPI?

The abbreviation of DPI is Dots Per Inch. In Windows desktop or isometric games, a dot refers to one pixel. Higher DPI will allow your cursor to move faster than average. So DPI is defined as how many pixels your mouse will move for every inch movement of the mouse.

3. Native DPI

Several modern gaming mice have an adjustable DPI setting and are adjusted in 50-200 DPI steps. However, many software such as Razer Synapse can adjust the DPI in smaller increments.

4. Is Faster DPI is better Or Slower?

By lowering your DPI, you can fix your mouse settings. You have to move your cursor to make it easier for precise movements. If you are a gamer and feel difficulty in sniping, This can be good for sniping targets. But you have to move your mouse more further than usual, which could make it take longer. If you feel like you don’t have enough accuracy, lower your DPI, and if you feel like you don’t have enough speed, increase it.

Should I Always Have Mouse Acceleration On?

Remaining the mouse acceleration switched on allows more room for disagreement, decreases your muscle memory, and potentially affects your aim. These settings will not make you a bad player but avoiding them is the best way to make your gameplay the best.

Summing Up

We hope you learned something new about mouse acceleration and how to turn it off. If so, please share this blog post on your social media profiles! Let us know if we can help with more information or questions in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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