OneNote Tips And Tricks To Organize Your Notes

OneNote is overcrowded with note-creation tools for drawing, file creation, audio and video recording, scanning images, inserting spreadsheets, and analyzing the edits of others. Its note-creation tools are extensive.

People like me who are troubled with systemization would spit over OneNote’s basic structure. You can create discrete notebooks, and inside that notebook, you can create section groups that contain various sections. It’s perfect to organize notes or a project and content with a reasonable structure.

How to Obtain OneNote?

You can get One Note for free from any website, and you can also get free 5GB of storage with a free account.

Microsoft 365 comes with 1terabyte of storage with all Microsoft 365 apps, including One Note.

Main Features of Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft ONE Note comes with some excellent features, and your single piece of inspiration will not be missed while using this OneNote app.

  • Arrange and Sort content across notebooks, sections, and pages.
  • Use Custom Tags to highlight relevant notes with to-do tags.
  • You can draw your thoughts and add explanations to your notes using a stylus, and using this feature is fun.
  • It allows Mix Media! You can attach an audio note, video, and even files to your notebooks.
  • Use the OneNote Clipper to store your content with a single click.
  • Share notebooks with workers, friends, and family.

Microsoft OneNote

One Note for Education Purposes

One Note for education is a part of Microsoft 365 apps that motivate and gives confidence to students to perform well in creating their work. This app works as the best tool in sharing and doing the best result. One Note is for students, teachers, and also school leaders for educational purposes.

With a private workspace for every student, one-note serves as a content building for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative projects.

The Layout of One Note

Users are comfortable with the familiar three-paneled layout of Microsoft one Note. A collapsible menu on the top left contains three options: search, notebook, and recent notes. On clicking the first choice, a list of notebooks appears, and whatever you choose, the pages of that particular notebook appear on the right.

When you install the digital note-taking app, you will not see all notebooks but the recently used notebooks. To hunt for that specific file, you should go to one Drive and search for that particular file. Finding them cannot take long, but loading can frustrate you. It depends on the volume of the notebook; the more significant the notebook, the longer it will take to load the notebook.

Tips to Improve Productivity Using One Note

Following are the tips you must adopt for enhancing your productivity using Microsoft One Note.

1. Draw and Handwrite Notes

Most users experienced that while using one Note, they need to carry a pen and a notepad. In One Note, you can convert handwritten notes into texts, write notes, and draw paintings.

Handwrite Notes

2. Tags To Categorize Notes

Tags are a means to classify notes in OneNote. With tags, you can quickly return to essential items, remind yourself about tasks on notes you’d like to share with others. Also, you can tag anything from a single line of text to an entire paragraph.

3. Create A Quick Note

Use Quick Notes to note down your thoughts and ideas, like sticky notes. Each Quick Note is spontaneously saved as a page in the Unfiled Notes segment of the Quick Notes notebook. You can also add keyboard shortcuts for this and attach your bullet list to your home screen. Also, create monthly meeting notes and annual meeting notes for carrying out your tasks.

4. Create and Use Page Templates

A template is primarily a page design that you can implement to new pages in your OneNote notebook to give them an excellent background or a consistent format. OneNote comes with many built-in OneNote page templates that you can choose, including decorative page backgrounds and To-Do lists. You can also create your own page template or customize the present one.

5. Protection of Your Notebooks

Passwords play an essential role in protecting your notebooks and One Notes from peeks and intruders. Whether you use OneNote for classwork at school, meeting notes at your job, a private diary at home, or personal data about yourself, passwords play an essential role in managing access to those notes. When a section is protected with a password, all pages are locked until you enter the valid password.

Categorize Notes

6. One Note As A Team Wiki

If you are working and want to share your work with other people, then remember to create your One Note notebook on One Drive to reach it. If you made a notebook on One Note, save it on One Drive. Saving it on One Drive does not mean that people may automatically reach it. It simply means that you should have early access to that file and that file will be stored permanently on your computer.

7. Other Apps and One Note

Thousands of apps want to integrate with One Note, but the priority that suggests to users is One Note Web Clipper. You can clip everything, from a newspaper article to a blog post, and then automatically, you can obtain it on One Note. You can also create outlook tasks for the best results.

8. Save Your Notes to Cloud

By integrating OneNote and Microsoft’s OneDrive, you can get 7GB of cloud storage for free. That 7GB of storage is enough for One Note, and if that’s not enough for you, you can always purchase up to 200 GB of storage. OneNote automatically preserves all your notes for you. Your worries will get away from saving the work because it automatically saves the result.

9. Use Equation in One Note

One Note has also solved the problem of writing the equation into the notebook. From the insert option, go to the equation menu, where you can get any equation. You can also note down that equation from your mouse or stylus.

Summing Up

OneNote is an excellent digital note-taking tool that will help you stay organized and get more done. With these neat tricks, even the most disorganized person can find success with this app in no time at all! It’s never too late to start using a great organizational system, so why not give it a try? You can also check for the best PowerPoint tips and tricks for further help.


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