Udemy Drawing And Sketching Courses For Beginners

Last year was most probably the game-changer in everyone’s life. People were locked at home, no going out, and no office work. What can you do in these types of situations? Learn a new skill.

If you love art, understanding sketching and drawing is the best option. It will be an additional skill and a source that can pay you well.

This article will tell you about the drawing and sketching course for beginners available on Udemy.

1. The Art & Science Of Drawing – Basic Skills

If you are a beginner and have zero knowledge of art, drawing, and sketching, “The Art and Science of Drawing” course is the best option for you on Udemy. Also, if you’re an intermediate-level artist, you can choose this course to level your skills.

This course is designed and easy to understand. It includes all the essential skills such as holding a pencil, shaping drawing, using lights, and shades and giving life to your drawing with details and textures.

You can learn an advanced level drawing skill at a time through a video lesson. After completing the video lesson, you must practice the skill you learned.

The Art & Science Of Drawing - Basic Skills

This course covers a wide array of topics that include:

  • Basic skills
  • Form and space
  • Measuring and proportion.
  • Contours
  • Shading fundamentals
  • Shading beyond the basics

The updated version of this course includes the subject of botanicals, birds, and human figures. After learning this course, you can efficiently utilize your skills in numerous areas.

2. How to Draw from Beginner to Master

Another best option for learning drawing and sketching skills is “How to Draw from Beginner to Master.” No matter your level, whether you’re a student or an absolute beginner, your level doesn’t matter.

Time-honored drawing techniques are explained in detail and simple words that you can easily understand. You can learn digital animation, painting, architecture, or design skills.

How to Draw from Beginner to Master

The topic this course covers are:

  • Fundamentals
  • Drawing The CUE BALL
  • Hand drawing exercise
  • Drawing Eyes exercise
  • Drawing A portrait
  • Approach to preliminary shading
  • Use axes lines
  • Techniques of visualization and simplification

After taking this course, you’ll be able to draw academic-quality drawings of any subject. Lessons consist of over 8 hours of professionally edited content. You’ll practice material like different lead pencil weights, simplifying objects, energetic and dynamic drawing, hands, and eye portraits.

3. How to Draw and Sketch for Absolute Beginners pt. 1

Udemy has a wide variety of drawing and sketching courses for beginners, “How to Draw and Sketch for Absolute Beginners pt 1” is one of them. This course is specially created for beginners, professionals,  and graphics artists.

You can call this course a “key.” As we all know, all drawings begin with lines. Lines can be straight, rough, or curved. In this course, you’ll learn all about lines that make shapes and shapes that make volume. No software is needed. Simple pencil and paper will be enough to enroll in this course.

How to Draw and Sketch for Absolute Beginners pt. 1

The topics you’ll learn in this course are:

  • The correct way to use reference
  • Understanding of a few basic shapes that draw everything
  • Artistic learning of any subject
  • Knowledge of the basics of volume, light, shadow, and composition.
  • Drawing of basic lines and shapes

By the end of this course, you’ll learn all the basics that make you draw anything you want. You can enroll in this course, even if you have zero knowledge. A graphic artist that wants to brush up skills, the cab also takes this course. If you want to be a pro in making 3D shapes, this course got you covered.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching

Living in the digital era means we have so many options out there to learn and earn. If you’re an artist and want to digital sketch digital images for games and films like a pro, this course is the best option for you.

The course “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching” is for people who want to learn digital sketching. It’s a complete beginner course but little knowledge about any drawing software of your choices like photoshop or procreates is a plus.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Digitally sketch from life
  • Digitally sketching scenes and objects from your imagination
  • Improve your sketching skills using digital techniques
  • Basic sketches to creative ideas and drawings
  • Create beautiful images and concept art

By the end of this course, you’ll have a professional portfolio of digital art and concept art. In one week you’ll have enough knowledge about drawing and sketching to design professional drawings.

5. The Secrets of Drawing

Another best option for learning drawing is “The Secrets of Drawing.” This course is created simply for beginners. You’ll learn how to draw better and immediately.

There are two segments called “easy to follow” and “easy to understand.” These segments have complete drawing demonstration and commentary. The course includes 28 HD videos with 500 plus minutes of drawing instruction. 26 ebooks of 178 pages, including 498 color illustrations.

The Secrets of Drawing

The 28 videos include are:

  • Videos include an introduction to drawing series, line art, the relationship of lines to drawings, concepts of contour, blind contour, and line quality and use of shapes to draw anything.
  • Illusions formation, elements of art, value, and its relationship to drawing.
  • One point perspective, two points perspective, and three-point perspective concept of the horizon line, vanishing point.
  • Drawing techniques, composition, drawing from photos, life, Graphite, charcoal.
  • The drawing with Ink, color, colored pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels, Facial proportions.
  • Drawing of Eyes, Nose, Hair, Basic figure drawings, Foreshortening, and conclusions.

After having this course, you’ll have strong concepts of drawings, including materials.

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There are plenty of courses available on Udemy for drawing and sketching. These are beneficial for you if you can’t bear the expenses of an expensive college.

We have tried to enlist all the best drawing and sketching courses for beginners. By the end of these courses, you’ll have enough knowledge of drawing and sketching.

Get yourself enrolled in Udemy drawing and sketching courses for beginners and draw or sketch-like professionals.

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