How to Install Geo Restricted Apps on Your iPhone

One of the most annoying things is when you hear all that Hype about a cool new app for your iPhone and you get this error on your screen.

this app is currently unavailable in your country or region

App Not Available IOS


LUCKILY there is a “somewhat” easy solution to fix this problem for you.

Even Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon, Prime or Hulu and plenty of other applications become available. It will almost feel like having a completely new Apple App store.

Don’t worry this does not require you to register a new Apple ID. 

(Please scroll down if you want to see the instructions with Video)

Let’s get stated shall we?

(The RED arrow in the screenshots helps you navigate)

The first step is going to settings on your iPhone, once you are there you are going to want to click on your apple ID on the top.

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

So far so good right?, simple enough!

The next step you are going to do is find the iTunes & App Store tab. Please see screenshot below as we make locating everything as easy as possible for you here at

Just keep following the red arrow again:

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

What you should be seeing after tapping on iTunes & App Store is the following:

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

Oh yeah, just in case you did not notice YET the blue bar is to hide personal information. Right there is would normally show your email/ Apple ID and that is exactly where you need to tap!

Hold on, we are almost there…

After tapping on there you should be seeing exactly this, which is almost the final screen to get where we need to be.

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

Now click on View Apple ID and you will be taken to the following screen on your iPhone, which is where you are going to need to enter your password for your Apple ID.

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

After entering your password you are basically almost there, it’s that simple! I just hope you did not forget your password like I did… argh happens all the time.

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

And drum roll….! On the last page as shown in the screenshot below you are finally able to change the region on your iPhone and download pretty much any app from the Apple Store you like.

Geo Restricted Apps iPhone Apple App Store

Just a quick tip: once you select your region you will be asked for billing information but all you need to do is press none and you are good to go.

Watch the video instructions:


(Video credits: Smart DNS Proxy YouTube Channel)

We really hope this article helped you out and as always leave a comment if you need help.

Some final words:

Some applications will ask for your location and you should be pressing “don’t allow“, it should not effect the use of your new app in any way.

If however it does you can always use a VPN and put your location to the region you selected.

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