How To Fix DRM Protected Content Error On Amazon Prime Video?

If you have been trying to watch a movie or TV show on Amazon Prime Video and received the following error message: “We’re sorry, this video is not available because DRM protects it,” don’t worry. You are not alone. Many Amazon Prime Video users have reported this problem. Fortunately, there is a fix. In this blog post, we will walk you through step-by-step how to fix DRM-protected content error on Amazon Prime Video. Let’s get started!

Why Does It Happen?

The following issues might cause the DRM protected content error:

  1. Not using an active internet connection while attempting to playback content from Amazon Prime Video
  2. Attempting to playback a protected video without having the proper license on your account for that particular device and application from where you are playing back from
  3. Have an incorrect DRM license stored on your computer/device. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player or the Amazon Prime Video app
  4. Using a VPN is not recommended, but if you choose to do so, ensure that your VPN is not blocking Amazon’s IP address space from which the streaming service operates
  5. Your Amazon Payment Method might be set as a default payment option when purchasing content on the Amazon website/applications. If that is the case, make sure you have updated it accordingly with your most preferred payment method and try again with a different payment option selected for your transaction to go through successfully.

Steps To Fix DRM Protected Content Error

Some measures that you can follow to fix DRM related issues include:

  1. Relaunch Amazon Prime Video
  2. Power Cycle Your Network & Streaming Devices
  3. Update Your Amazon Prime Video App Or Web Browser
  4. Clear The Cache On Your Amazon Prime Video App Or Browser
  5. Use A Different HDMI Cable

Fix DRM Protected Content Error

1. Relaunch Amazon Prime Video

After shutdown, turn on your TV/Stick/Box, open the Amazon Instant Video app or website, and then wait for it to load up completely (connect with Wi-Fi). Sometimes, the video service has not fully loaded before an error occurs.

Therefore, simply relaunching can resolve specific issues like DRM-protected content errors which you were watching on your device may disappear without any explanation.

2. Power Cycle Your Network And Streaming Devices

For those who have a ‘Smart’ TV or Blu-ray player that uses a home network connection instead of just an HDMI cable, reboot these devices as well as any modems, routers, access points, hubs, or switches connected to them before trying to play anything on Amazon Prime Video again.

  • Power Cycling your router and streaming device can help resolve this error. Just unplug the power cable of the modem/router for a minute or so, then plug it back in to restart its working correctly. Then, do the same with your TV Box, Stick or Smart TV too.
  • This usually resolves any problems related to connectivity issues that you are experiencing while trying to watch Amazon Prime Video on other devices because once all three devices rebooted successfully.
  • They automatically obtain an IP address from your internet service provider’s DHCP server. You need it to stream videos on 3rd party apps successfully, but do not require by default when you use native video player apps that come with TVs or Streaming devices.

3. Update Your Amazon Prime Video App Or Web Browser

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, please try updating your Amazon Prime Video app (both on Roku and Apple TV updates are available now), as well as refreshing your web browser. The latest update for the Android app includes improvements to account matching, video playback, and many other fixes for recent issues like DRM-protected content errors.

Hopefully, these changes will fix any remaining errors you’re seeing with this issue. If that doesn’t work, you may be using an older version of one of their apps, so try uninstalling entirely and then re-installing the most current version.

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4. Clear The Cache On Your Amazon Prime Video App Or Browser

Clearing cache is one of the most common solutions to fix problems with streaming services. Suppose these steps fail to clear the issue. In that case, your network connection may be slow or unreliable enough that other devices on your network are having problems reaching Amazon Prime Video servers. Try relaunching from scratch after power cycling all of your devices once more.

Clear The Cache

5. Use A Different HDMI Cable

Lastly, your HDMI cable is also possibly damaged or faulty. Try using a different one of these cables before giving up on Amazon Prime Video altogether.

Summing Up

The DRM Protected Content Error is a standard error that will happen if you try to play content from Amazon Prime Video on multiple devices. This article has outlined the steps necessary to fix this issue, and we hope it helps! If you’re still having trouble with your device after following these instructions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service.

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