Nord VPN Vs. PIA (Private Internet Access) – 2021 Comparison

If you’re thinking about which VPN service is better, NordVPN or Private Internet Access (PIA), then it sounds like there are many unanswered questions. Both providers have large server fleets and work with streaming platforms. Also, they spend heavily on marketing campaigns to attract more customers!

But these similarities don’t mean that both are easy to use and efficient in providing services. Let’s look at some key differences between these two security solutions before making your choice.

FeatureNord VPNPIA
AES-256 encryptionPresentPresent
Speed24.91 Mbps21.4 Mbps
Double VPNYesNo
SOCKS5 proxyYesNo
Netflix UnblockingSupportedInconsistent


1. Security

NordVPN and Private Internet Access are both great VPN services providers. We can’t find any IP address leaks with either of them! The split tunneling feature is available for both.

PIA Encryption

The PIA uses AES-256 cipher with SHA256 for authorization and RSA 4096 handshake for a more secure connection. Users can adjust VPN protocols within the client (Windows or Mac OS).

NordVPN Encryption

Nord’s AES-256 cipher with a SHA256 authorization and RSA 4096 of handshake makes it one of the most secure VPNs out there. It also supports WireGuard protocol, which IKEv2 won’t work for.

NordVPN offers great security features that include double VPN servers and Tor-over VPN. With these two services, your data gets a higher level of double encryption for increased protection from prying eyes or hackers looking to break into private information. It makes NordVPN a bit more advance while comparing NordVPN vs. private internet access.

The two types of kill switches in NordVPN include:

  • App-level kill switch
  • Internet kill switch

2. Dedicated IP

You can make yourself appear in the different server locations with just one click of the button. This is helpful if you’re trying to get around geographically blocked websites or services. Both VPN providers serve the purpose without affecting internet speed.

In some instances, you may not need a dedicated IP address. That’s because NordVPN always gives the same static IP to users who connect to any one of their servers. No matter how many times they visit that particular location on the net or what country it is from which they hail! A personal VPN can be desirable for ensuring exclusivity in some cases.

When it comes to torrent performance, PIA is a great VPN provider that offers port forwarding. However, the process can be frustrating at times because you are assigned randomly for forwarded ports. You can also check for VPN usage guide for further help!

3. Logging Policy

NordVPN is a great choice for users who want to maintain their privacy and security.

  • It comes equipped with an absolutely pristine logging policy that guarantees no storage of user data at all.
  • It means that you can rest assured knowing nothing compromises your online identity or activity on the site!
  • Nord also has headquarters in Panama, a jurisdiction known as being “data retention-free.”

PIA VPN server also doesn’t store any logs of user activity, so it cannot be easily incriminated for exposing your personal information.

  • It has also never been caught in any scandals about revealing client data as other companies did before.
  • But their logging policy is not clear. Therefore, NordVPN is quite better as there is no vagueness!

4. NordVPN Vs. PIA Speed Tests

As per research, NordVPN was consistently faster than PIA for every location that was tested. NordVPN is nearly ten times more efficient than private Internet Access in Los Angeles and New York. PIA is much slower in New York than NordVPN. It is at around 23 Mbps.

In the UK, PIA was significantly slower at download speeds of around 10Mbps. It is important for anyone who needs a fast VPN for heavy-use activities, such as when using a VPN for torrenting or when using the VPN for the torrenting of torrenting.

Nord VPN Pros

5. Netflix And Other Streaming Services

NordVPN is best VPN for Netflix. It disables multiple Netflix channels, including those from the UK, Canada, and the US. PIA is also good for other streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

  • While this VPN has no app for Kodi, both NordVPN And PIA work together excellently and provide security and content.
  • NordVPN has built-in app downloads for Android TV and the Amazon Fire Stick.
  • It is a great choice if turning your laptop into a giant screen.
  • However, Private Internet Access officially supports no smart TVs nor other downloadable media, your best chance is manually setting up Amazon Fire Stick.

6. Pricing Comparison

NordicVPN punches PIA out in this last round. The worth of purchasing NordVPN significantly exceeds the small number of bucks you could save. The only thing to consider for the latter was a return guarantee.

The PIA cannot help if you can’t travel internationally on a quick Internet connection, don’t watch Netflix in the United States on a tight budget, and regularly use over a six-seven tablet. If that’s not your style, then maybe you should consider getting Private Internet access as a longer-lasting alternative. NordVPN is a cost-effective alternative to PIA, but it is also a better choice.

7. Torrenting

PIA does not divide its pool into specialized and non-PS-P servers. NordVPN’s servers serve torrenting and regular traffic. Both vendors include free SOCKS5 Proxy. It can be configured in torrent client software and routing your downloads by intermediating servers.

  • However, this device doesn’t encrypt any connection. Both are available in P2P mode. They don’t matter which server you connect to.
  • The VPN app is less secure, but they are incredibly beneficial if they offer higher speed.
  • For torrenting, you can download torrent files through either site.

8. Mobile Apps

Both NordVista and PIA mobile clients have a chart and a list of the countries. Your preferences are kept in a separate tab which can be accessed by changing the menu on each tab and back to what you started out doing.

  • Unlike desktop applications, they take less space which leads to some odd design choices.
  • Both providers have added a way to switch between dark and light modes so you can combine your own apps with another one if you use the system-wide set of options.
  • PIA’s tools try the combination of minimal and plentiful connections information.

Nord Mobile App

Wrapping Up

NordVPN is a superior VPN service that offers more features than PIA. Nord managed to outperform their competitor in almost every category, including streaming and server reliability, more servers uptime, jurisdiction, and logging policy for user traffic data. PIA is also a very reliable VPN. Nevertheless, the fact that it lacks in some key performance areas makes NordVPN win our comparison.

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  1. Have been using Nordvpn for 2 years now and will not be changing anytime soon, Netflix works perfect the overall speed is just great and you just can’t beat this price.

    Can’t say much about PIA, never used them and prob never will. Happy with Nordvpn hopefully they keep their quality the same :):)

    I’m not from usa so before Netflix was so useless, now i got thousands of more shows just by turning on the vpn and paying a couple bucks a year hehe

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