What is FLATsite, And How Does It Work? Unbiased FLATsite Review

FLATsite is a powerful and affordable tool that promises to speed up the security of your website. FLATsite turns dynamic WordPress websites into static ones, allowing faster page loading speeds and other perks!

It provides a simple interface to manage from a few websites all the way up to several hundred sites.

To start with FLATsite, an agency or developer is given their own web admin account on which they will be able to create other editors! Our FLATsite review will cover all aspects in detail!

Benefits Offered By The Quick Static Site Generator

FLATsite provides enterprise-level encryption to protect data on your website right from the dashboard. You can create, manage and secure WordPress sites with serverless technology without worrying about security issues! Some features of the WordPress static site generator include:

1. Speedy Websites

With a WordPress static site, you will never have to worry about slow page speeds or database issues ever again. These sites separate the website from backend administration and make it ultra-fast for SEO purposes.

2. Easy Maintenance

With FLATsite, website admins can save time on the costs of hosting and maintenance. Also, reduced update times for WordPress sites mean site security stays intact throughout the year as well. Static pages mean no hackers can compromise your site’s security because there is zero PHP or MySQL database to break into!

3. Quick Management

The WordPress Static Generator lets you create static HTML sites which can be exported to Git for deployment. Additionally, it allows you to work in a staged environment and manage 50 or even 500 websites all from one place!

  • FLATsite is a great tool for non-technical and technical teams since its easy-to-use interface makes it accessible even if you don’t have any WordPress experience.
  • Plus, your team can start editing themes right away without any issue with the hosting provider.
  • Your whole team will be able to build hundreds of websites with the click of a button without having to worry about coding or configuring anything.

4. Time-Saving

FLATsite was built to save you time by automating the required tasks when managing multiple WordPress sites. The web-based engine is easy to use and requires less workforce, making it easier for even one person to manage several different websites at once.

5. More Secure

FLATsite takes the hassle out of maintaining WordPress websites by updating plugins and themes automatically to improve performance, security, and more. There is no risk of hacks with static WordPress websites since the dashboard, and live website are separate.

6. Prototyping

With WordPress Prototype, you can build websites from the perfect testing environment. Create samples, test, and release identical static sites for your customers! Only members with access to porotype have access to view or make edits to a website. No more worrying about giving self-hosted versions of your site’s dashboard to a visitor!

7. Affordable Pricing

The FLATsite platform was built to keep your business running smoothly with automated maintenance. The streamlined technology with efficient customer support can save you hundreds of dollars on yearly costs, so why not give it a try?

  • You will never need WordPress databases again or web hosting server storage because FLATsite comes with a remote server for you to develop and securely store all your files.
  • With FLATsite Engine, you solve the problem of overpaying Hosting for WordPress hosting by not having any additional costs associated with it!

8. Secure Team Access

FLATsite is the perfect tool for developers and agencies to manage websites with multiple portfolios. With FLATsite, teams can collaborate on projects swiftly using one secure access point through a user dashboard.

The best part? You can even create rules that only let the right people in each step of the way! All you need is one login for FLATsite to access every site assigned within your portfolio from here onwards. The process of creating a WordPress site and converting has become easy.

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How Does It Work?

The process of configuring the live URL and server is quite simple. Once accounts are established, configure the server and install WordPress. After this is done, developers can create a new project or website via WordPress.

  1. With the WordPress development environment, you can access the frontend and backend during your work process.
  2. You will also be able to preview your changes using a staging server via a “preview” button!
  3. The ‘export’ tab sends finished tasks to Admin or SiteAdmin for review. Once the reviews are done, they’re deployed onto any hosting plan available on your site.
  4. The one-click deployment in WP Pusher makes it easy to host your website and generate a static version.
  5. You need very little disk space, can connect with hosting packages, and won’t use the server resources from that package when pushing online.

With FLATsite, you can install WordPress and develop your site. You then deploy the generated static website to a staging or production environment where you can test it out until ready for publishing with hosting access at all times.

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About FLATsite Platform

Site admins are now faced with a dilemma: should they opt for security or convenience? Static websites eliminate site vulnerabilities and make live posting an incredible experience. On the other hand, WordPress dynamic sites have more chances of being hacked, but it also makes life easier for both admin & users. FLATsite resolves your issue with premium plans and the best customer service!

Difference From WordPress Static Site Generator Plugins

FLATsite is an all-in-one platform to build and manage massive WordPress websites. With FLATsite, you can create beautiful static HTML sites instantly! One of the most striking differences between the FLATsite engine and other WordPress static site generators is that they lack website functionalities like comments or search.

  • The FLATsite works by deploying new website changes, whereas static generators republish their content every time a change is made.
  • It means there’s no small amount of customization available to be done on individual pages like blog posts or service page edits using ordinary static generator plugins.
  • A staging environment is the easiest way to preview your website with software, hardware, and code that replicates your live website.


Headless WordPress Technology

With headless WordPress, the frontend is separated from the backend. It allows you to use your own API within WP for both parts of your site. If you want to manage your WordPress backend through the FLATsite engine, it requires a quick installation of WordPress on the server with customary configuration. You can then develop as if in traditional WordPress!

FLATsite Serverless Search

FLATsite’s serverless platform uses a third-party server, meaning that all of the website’s applications and files are located in one secure space. This is different than using MySQL servers and other computing resources from WordPress sites on traditional hosts.

  • FLATsite is a tool that creates statically generated sites made from flat HTML files. It means you can host the FLATsite static site anywhere without taking up server resources of another website or service.
  • Also, it’s easier to update your content since everything is in one place rather than having multiple files all over the wp sites.

Flatsite serverless search

No CDN And Web Hosting Plans

FLATsite has more flexibility than other web hosts because they let users pick their own hosting plan. They do not impose any CDN or Hosting services. Instead of imposing these things themselves, FLATsite recommends top hosting packages to work well with the engine.


FLATsite Compatibility

Static sites solve the security and speed issues of WordPress dynamic sites because they do not use a database to store information. For this reason, static websites are perfect for just about everyone who wants their website up quickly while also being secure. Therefore, they share the best solution and compatibility!

1. Free SSL Certificate

FLATsite offers free SSL certificates to all customers. Customers have two different options when they purchase a certificate:

  • Use FLATsite with hosting brands
  • Use FLATsite with their recommended web hosting company

2. FTP or SFTP Use

You can use multiple protocols to update a website when it is live. FTP and SFTP are two of the most common ones, with SFTP being more secure than plain old FTP by employing HTTPS during data transfer. However, you need to have access credentials for this method as it has better security compared to traditional methods like FTPS or SCP-which does not employ any encryption techniques!

3. Plugins And Themes Addition

You can add plugins and themes to your FLATsite like you would with WordPress. You don’t need any security or caching plugins because our service offers full-time protection for all of its hosts, so there’s no risk involved in hosting them yourself!

4. WordPress CMS

At the moment, you can only use their service to build WordPress websites. But soon, they will support Joomla, Drupal, and Magento!


Top-Notch Security

Websites that are dynamic, which means they fetch a database and run applications each time someone requests to view the page, must do so over the Internet. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks like MySQL injections or WordPress botnet attacks because it is easy for an attacker with bad intentions to access these websites from anywhere in the world.

Static websites provide a security advantage over dynamic sites as they reduce or even eliminate risks. The reasons include:

  • You can host the static sites remotely, and if there is a successful attack, you can upload the original site to your hosting provider without any errors. Also, the process of backing up static websites is simple as well!
  • With FLATsite, you can automate the updates and push online. It means that it’s nearly impossible to forget an update or plugin installation as all site management is done in one place from a single user account.
  • Plus, you never have to worry about your website hacking because the core WordPress theme will not change. Even if you need any updates for any of its plugins!
  • Static sites are more secure than dynamic because they don’t use a database. The users can make malicious back-end requests or overriding privileges, as in the case with dynamic websites.
  • You can also check out ways to access the blocked website for further help!

How FLATsite Protect From Attacks?

When using FLATsite, you get a private gateway for your WordPress site that eliminates the chances of malicious attacks. You can hide the backend from would-be hackers and internet bots to give visitors a static website clone of your WordPress site instead.

Also, static HTML sites are never outdated, so you can avoid being stuck with a site that doesn’t work. Additionally, FLATsite is maintenance-free and automatically updates themes and plugins.

FLATsite speed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Test And Develop In FLATsite?

FLATsite welcomes developers to create WordPress themes. They want new ideas for their theme library, so they invite all WP developers to submit their work and help them build up the FLATsite website with something creative!

2. How Do I Migrate My Site To FLATsite?

You can transfer your site with “All-in-One WP Migration” in just a few clicks. There are no limitations for operating systems and hosting providers, so you don’t need any technical skills to use them.

3. Can I Generate A Static Site With Just One Click?

With the FLATsite engine, you can convert your dynamic website to static in one click. You get all of the site’s design and permalinks too!

Yes, with just a single click using the FLATsite engine, users can turn their existing websites into static ones without losing any important data or features from them, such as designs and permalink structures.

Wrapping Up

That was all about FLATsite review. WordPress users who want to speed up and simply secure their WP sites for maintenance from one site to hundreds of sites can benefit. Companies that take security seriously and anyone who wants the ease and convenience of creating landing pages without hassle can benefit from this solution.

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