How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1020: Access Denied?

Have you ever encountered issues like “Cloudflare Error 1020: Access Denied? It can be a puzzling situation, and the issue appears when you try to access a URL on a Cloudflare-protected website. If Cloudflare senses the link is spammy or dangerous, it will lock you out.

The reason behind causing such issues might be Cloudflare being over-protective, blocking your IP address that isn’t even posing a threat. Browsers can also be the culprits for such problems. However, you can fix such issues by following our instructions. Let’s get started.

1. Restart Your Modem Or Router

The error might be happening due to your modem. Even a slight malfunction can create such issues. If Cloudflare CDN isn’t allowing you to make the connection, there is a possibility that some setting in the router cache isn’t letting you do so. It’d be better if you restart your modem because when you reboot the device, it clears out all the cache.

  • Turn off your modem/router.
  • Unplug the network equipment.
  • Wait for a minute.
  • Reconnect the device.
  • Switch it on.

Now check whether your issue is resolved or still there.

Restart Your Modem Or Router

2. Enable/Disable VPN:

People use virtual private networks to change their IP addresses to allocate restricted sites or content. If you’ve connected your computer to a VPN, it’ll possibly rule out the IP blockage issue.

If you’re not using the VPN already, you must consider installing a VPN in your browser. VPN gives you a different IP address that lets you re-access the website. After using the VPN connection, if you can access the webpage, then it might be possible it was an IP blockage problem. Use a VPN whenever you want to reaccess this website.

However, if you are already using the VPN and are still facing the same error, then your Cloudflare CDN perceives the IP address as a security breach and shows you such an error. It would help if you disabled the VPN temporarily or tried another server.

3. Reset The Date and Time

You might ignore setting the date and time on your PC. However, the wrong time and data can cause miscommunication with the server generating such errors. So before jumping into any technical solution, you need to pay attention to minor details or settings. Before moving to the browser-related fixes, ensure to set the time and date accurately. If the problem still exists, then move to the browser-level solutions.

Reset Date and Time

4. Restart Your Browser

The temporary glitch in your browsers can also cause you to face such errors. The temporary glitch caused the CDN to block your access resulting in Cloudflare’s error 1020: Access Denied. To fix such bugs, close the website or webpage, reboot your browser and then try to reassess a similar page after restoring your browser.

5. Clear Cache

If you’ve any outdated cache in your browser, it can prevent you from accessing the website you are trying to see. If you don’t clear your browser’s cache frequently, then outdated scripts and files leave your PC or computer.

Due to this, your Cloudflare considers your connection spammy. To avoid such situations, clear your browser’s cache and check whether it makes any difference. The method of cleaning the cache varies for each browser. After cleaning it up, try to reaccess the webpage. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

6. Make Sure To Enable Cookies

When you visit a website, you must have seen a notification that says “accept or reject the cookies.” your browser stores the information of the website you visit, which is known as cookies. Cookies are responsible for enabling the services like Cloudflare to keep in check your access to the websites. That’s why your browser must grant permission to use cookies whenever you visit a webpage.

Make sure to enable the cookies in your browser. If you want to check whether your browser has enabled cookies or not, follow these instructions:

If you’re browsing with Chrome, then you’ve to go to the following:

Chrome/settings/cookies and check the box for “Allow all cookies.”

For The Browser Edge

edge/settings/content/cookies and turn on the toggle next to “Allow sites to save and read cookies data.” Also, ensure that the web isn’t on the restricted list.

In Firefox

About/preferences/privacy: click on the manager exceptions under the cookies and site Data. Afterward, enter the website’s URL, click on Allow, and save changes.

For Opera Users

Opera/settings/cookies and then choose “Allow all Cookies.” Ensure that no websites are listed under those that aren’t allowed to use cookies.

Enable Cookies

7. Check Extension Interference

If the cookies are already enabled in the browser, then some extension interference might be blocking them. Sometimes extensions can cause some foreseen problems. It’d be better to disable extensions to rule out possible culprits.

8. Contact the Website Admin

If none of the mentioned solutions worked for you, then the issue might be in the website. Your last restore is contacting the website administrator. He needs to check if Cloudflare has restricted your IP address, region, or anything else.

The admin will resolve the problem by whitelisting your IP in Cloudflare settings or tweaking their firewall policies to restart access. If the admin cannot fix such issues, you can contact Cloudflare support or ask the web admin to do it on your behalf.

9. Try To Use Different Browsers

If you still face the same issue, try accessing the web page using a different browser. Reload all the website’s content, and clear its cache. Make sure to clean your browser first, which will make it possible for this test to work.

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Final Thoughts

Whenever you encounter a problem like Cloudflare access denied or error 1020, you can try fixing such issues by following the above-mentioned solutions. If you cannot resolve the problem, try resetting or reinstalling your browser. If you are still stuck in the same place, change your DNS settings as the last fix. After trying all the solutions, let us know which solution worked best for you in the comments below.

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