8 Cool Things To Do With Your iPhone

Who doesn’t love their iPhone? iPhone users use it for everything from taking photos to catching up on the latest TV shows. But what are some cool things you can do with your iPhone that might surprise you?

The iPhone’s operating system seems simple, but you can find out a couple of advanced features hidden under his operating system. If you don’t know about these customized iPhone tricks, then this guide will be beneficial to you to understand these handy features.

1. Use Your iPhone Keyboard As A Trackpad

It is one of the neat and excellent features of the default keyboard of the iPhone. From this feature, you should be able to know that the keyboard can double as a trackpad. Also, you would scroll more efficiently and jumps to text characters rather than clicking on the screen. For using this convenient feature, you should have an iPhone 6s or newer than that model. This trick is also suitable and working smoothly on the iPad.

Here is the way of using your iPhone keyboard as a trackpad.

  • Start typing on your default iPhone keyboard.
  • Press and hold at any place on the screen or keyboard to activate this feature.
  • Now, when this feature is enabled, you can move the cursor by just dragging your finger.
  • When you let off your finger, that feature will be disabled.

2. Undo Feature In iOS Calculator App

Spending a lot of time using the iPhone calculator, no one can better know the frustration caused by the no backspace button. Sometimes you need a fast calculation, and you get angry because of mistyping and more furious because of no C or AC button.

Swipe to the left and right sides at the top, where the digits are displayed to handle this feature. This feature acts as backspace and deletes the number you entered last.

While talking about the calculator, you should remember that enabling landscape mode will add more functions to your iPhone keyboard. This feature will work only if landscape mode is on the home screen if your phone isn’t locked.

3. Snap Photos During Recording Videos

This feature is available in iPhone 5 and newer, and also, this is not a new feature. Also, when you whip out your phone and take a shot, you get disappointed because of the result. For getting a good result, try to click multiple pics by holding the capture button.

For clicking pictures during a recording, follow these instructions.

  • Start a recording on your iPhone, and you’ll see a button next to the recording button.
  • This button captures pictures during recordings.
  • Hold that button to click multiple pics during recording.
  • The screen will blink, showing that picture is captured.

Snap Photos

4. Customize The Brightness Level Of The Flashlight

If you are irritated with a high-level flashlight and want a low level of flash, then the iPhone also contains a hidden flashlight option. You can choose a low, medium, and high level of flash from that option just for your use.

The intensity of the flashlight can be altered on your iPhone in the following ways.

  • Press and hold the flashlight icon on your iPhone.
  • Select one of the options you like, and your flashlight will be according to that option.

5. Siri Feature In iPhone

Sometimes you find yourself busy and forget to answer the text message or an email you’ve received. Siri is an excellent feature that reminds you of your emails you’ve forgotten to read after a while. Mail, messages from messaging app, and safari are mostly related to this feature. One more excellent mode of Siri is that she can read email for you from the mail app, which will be helpful for you if you are walking or driving. Just ask like “read the latest email,” and Siri will follow your command. Siri will also remember your relationships, so if you want to call your dad, say “call my dad,” and Siri will make a call to your dad.

The main question is, how to enable Siri? The method of allowing it is

  • Launch Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down and choose the Siri option.
  • Choose whether to activate it by voice or push the button for Siri.
  • Enable Siri and enjoy its marvelous features.

Siri Feature

6. Custom Vibration

Custom vibration is one of the features of the iPhone, and you can create and assign custom vibrations. If you are annoyed with a standard beat for messages, now you can create a new type of vibration for the person you want. Few steps should be adopted to develop and enable the custom vibration.

First, create the custom vibration by,

  • Go to settings, then sound.
  • Then head towards ringtones, and there you will find an option of vibration.
  • From there, select “create a new vibration.”

Please create a new vibration as your like and then save it with the same name.

Assign the new vibration in the following ways

  • Select a contact you want to designate that vibration from the contacts.
  • Now, tap the edit option at the top of the screen.
  • Select the vibration option and choose the vibration you created.

Custom Vibration

7. Shake To Undo Typing

Like we do Ctrl-Z on the PC, the iPhone also introduced the undo feature. You can shake your phone from this feature, and it will erase the last word you’ve written. Undo feature is the hidden feature of the iPhone. When you shake your phone, a popup appears on the screen, which contains the option of undo and redo. Choose according to your need. You can also check for a guide to make your iPhone battery last longer for further help.

8. Measure Objects

Since Apple released its iOS 12, it introduced a new feature called Measure. With this feature, you can measure the distance between two things with the help of an iPhone’s camera app. This might be inaccurate. Measure app is an excellent app and helps a lot during measurement if you don’t have equipment.

You can also try using health app notifications on the lock screen for reminders. Another feature that might be daunting is background app refresh, and you can quickly turn it off via settings. Notes app create helpful reminders while clock app can help to track sleep pattern. You can also check for tips to prevent your iPhone from tracking for further help.

Wrapping Up

Utilize your iPhone to maximize productivity. There are so many things you can do with an iPhone, and we’ve just touched on a few of our favorite uses. The possibilities are endless! If you have any questions about what apps or features would be best for you, contact us today. We can help find the perfect solution that will allow you to get more out of your digital lifestyle while being productive at work!

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