How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

If you have been wondering why your iPhone battery drains out quickly and how to make it last longer, find out some ways in which you can do this.

How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

In this list, you will find several methods that you can try out that will definitely make a difference in your battery life.

Let’s take a look at these.

Turn Off Push Notifications

Turn Off Push Notifications

There are several apps on your phone that will keep sending you constant notifications. It is possible that you might not even need some of these on such a regular basis.

These could include notifications from gaming apps, your emails or simply your social media. If you can think that you do not need constant updates from these apps, then you can turn their notifications off.

Go to Settings, tap on Notifications and then turn them off for the unwanted apps.

Use Low-Power Mode

Usually, your iPhone will ask you to turn on the low-power mode when your battery is at the 20% mark. However, you can also turn this mode on manually through your Settings.

This will allow you to not use as much of your battery as you usually do on a normal mode. This is because the low-power mode disables several battery-consuming features such as background app usage, display settings, automatic downloads and mail notifications, among a few other things.

Turn Down the Phone’s Volume

Turn Down the Phone's Volume

Keep the general volume level on your phone as low as possible to minimize battery usage. Using earphones or headphones is also a better solution for this, as using your phone’s in-built speaker drains the battery quicker.

You can also choose to set a maximum limit to the volume through your Settings. Simply go to the Music section and determine the limit that you want to set.

Reduce Brightness

The brightness of your iPhone screen is one of the main features that drains the battery life.

Luckily, your iPhone comes with an Auto-Brightness option which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness depending on the requirement. You can turn this on through the following pathway:

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Turn Auto-Brightness on by turning the toggle to green.

If you don’t want to turn this on, you can also manually reduce the brightness through your notifications bar or through the Wallpapers & Brightness setting.

Don’t Close All Apps

Don't Close All Apps

If you double-tap the Home button on your iPhone, you will be able to view multiple apps in this multitasking window. It is a common misconception that swiping your apps up and closing them helps save battery.

In fact, it does quite the opposite. This is because your phone has to reload the app in its entirety when you want to use it again, which ends up using more battery than opening the app while it had already loaded.

If you are not using a particular app, it will not be active on your phone. Hence, you do not need to swipe it up each time you are done using it.

Use Wi-Fi More Often

Try to use a Wi-Fi connection as often as possible. This will save your battery power as compared to using your cellular data.

When you don’t need to use it, however, it would be a good idea to turn the Wi-Fi off so that it doesn’t keep scanning for connections.

You can also use ‘Wi-Fi assist’ in your Cellular settings, which will help you access the internet even if your connection is poor.

Use Wi-Fi More Often

Turn Off Other Connections

Other connections like Bluetooth and AirDrop also tend to drain your battery if you keep them on for too long. If you are not using them, make sure you turn them off by swiping up or down to display your menu and then clicking on their blue icons if they are on.

You should also keep your cellular data off if you are already connected to a wireless network. If you want to reduce battery usage even further, disallow some apps to use your cellular data through your Cellular settings.

Enable Airplane Mode

Enable Airplane Mode

If you don’t need to use your phone for a few hours, you can enable Airplane mode on it. This will turn off your data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and will also disable calls and texts temporarily. This is a great way to save battery life.

If you want to access your phone properly again, simply disable this mode.

Keep Your Phone Cool

Keep Your Phone Cool

If your phone is exposed to too much heat, it can affect the way your battery functions on your phone by draining it out much quicker than usual. Thus, ensure that you keep your phone away from extreme heat or sunlight so that it does not heat up too much.

According to Apple, your phone should ideally be within the temperature range of 62℉ to 72℉. A little more than this will still be okay, but anything beyond 95℉ will drain your battery excessively.

Change Wallpaper Settings

Change Wallpaper Settings

Your wallpaper may also affect your battery life. If you are using dynamic wallpapers on your iPhone, it is likely that these are draining your battery quickly. To change this, go to Wallpapers & Brightness in your Settings and select a new still wallpaper instead of a dynamic one.

Remove Phone Cover While Charging

Remove Phone Cover While Charging

Some phone cases might heat up your phone too much while charging because of the insulation they provide. This affects your battery’s capacity to function efficiently.

In this case, remove your phone cover or case while charging your phone. You can put it back on again once it is fully charged.

Change Background App Settings

Change Background App Settings

Apps on your phone usually constantly look for updates and send you notifications even if you are not using them at the moment. You can turn their individual notifications off through your Notifications settings.

You can also check your battery usage and see which apps are using the most battery power. If you find some apps that you don’t use frequently, go to your General settings, click on ‘Background App Refresh’ and turn off this option for some of your battery-draining apps.

Turn Off Location Services

Turn Off Location Services

If you do not need to use your location services at any given time, remember to turn them off. This is because all the apps that have permission to access your location will keep scanning for your location, which could drain out your battery.

You can also restrict this location access for certain apps if you don’t want to turn your location off entirely.

Disable Auto-Downloads

Sometimes, media that gets sent to your phone gets automatically downloaded to your phone. You can turn this off in the individual app settings.

You can also do this for app updates. Go to iTunes and App Store in your Settings and turn off automatic update downloads entirely. You can also simply allow these automatic downloads over Wi-Fi.

Try Overnight Charging

Overnight Charging

You can charge your phone overnight using your charger and cable. This will allow it to charge fully, without any interruptions. While wireless charging might be convenient, it does not charge your phone’s battery as effectively as charging with a cable does.

Update Your Phone

Update Your Phone

If your phone requires a software update, make sure you allow this to happen on time without delaying it too much. These updates usually improve the battery capacity of your phone.

Store Your Phone at Half Charge

If you are planning to store your phone for an extended period of time, do not fully charge or discharge it before doing so. Keep your phone charged at 50%.

If it is fully charged, it may lose battery efficiency. Conversely, if it is fully discharged, it might be difficult to recharge it.

Thus, keep it charged to around 50% of its capacity, switch off your phone and store it in relatively cool temperatures.

Get Your Phone Checked

Get Your Phone Checked

If you have tried most of these methods and your battery is still draining out extremely quickly, it would be a better option to simply get the issue checked and repaired by a professional. They will be able to figure out and fix what is causing this issue so that you can use your phone normally again.

Final Remarks

We have now provided you with a range of options to make your iPhone battery last longer. Most of these solutions are simple and can be applied on your own using a few simple clicks.

Overall, methods such as tweaking your display and wallpaper settings, monitoring and limiting your background app usage, turning off unwanted notifications, changing your charging practices and disabling wireless and other connections when you don’t need them can improve your phone’s battery capacity.

Make sure you remember to update your phone whenever required so that it functions at its most efficient rate. Further, ensure that you maintain ideal storage settings if you want to store your phone for a certain time period.

You can now try these out on your own. If they still do not work, try giving your phone to a professional to get it repaired.

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