The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Perfect Social Media Calendar

Do you have an online brand? Are you fed up with last-minute brainstorming? Don’t worry. Social media calendars got you covered.

A calendar helps you plan your work to avoid multitasking and initial brainstorming. You can avoid last-minute disastrous planning and continuously produce new content with social media calendars.

Moreover, many social media calendars tools allow you to schedule posts and manage audience engagement on your brand.

How can you make a social media calendar? Let’s dive in.

How To Prepare Your Social Media Calendar?


When you build your social media posting schedule, create a list of the type of posts. File what to post regularly. If you share many updates of different types daily, it is essential to create a calendar.

The reason behind organizing a calendar is to provide an adequate framework for sharing content that can engage your audience and expand the business.

The standard categories include are:

  • Quotes
  • Blog posts
  • Events and Announcement
  • Tips
  • Re-sharing of engaging content
  • Image/Videos-Various multimedia

Categories Placement

When you have decided what to post, you have to make a schedule for posting. Take a look at your competitors’ posts and trends.

Also, observe if any specific theme is used around the post and on which platform it was posted. In this way, you can easily organize plans and post for more visibility.

Decide the timing or of the post you would like to share.

Keep Updating

Updates are the most impressive part of social media calendars. We suggest you create an outline for future posts categories if you have decided what you will post in the coming week.

You can come up with categories a day at a time or per category. Do whatever suits you.

Special Events:

Scheduling regular posts are crucial but don’t forget to schedule special events per year.

Listing them earlier is excellent because you might forget or miss a memorable event if you schedule at the last moment.

The special event you should consider covering includes:

  • Holidays relevant to your business
  • Announcement
  • Meetups
  • Product launch

Types of Social Media Calendar

You can post different categories according to your needs and preferences. Usually, there are two types of social media calendars. One is a monthly view, and the other is a daily/weekly view.

Monthly View:

In the monthly view calendar, you can schedule posts for a few coming weeks. Highlight any special events coming up in a month and visualize the content.

A monthly view calendar is beneficial for those who have busy schedules, and they want to avoid missing any special events coming up.

Daily/Weekly View:

If you want to avoid last-minute disastrous planning, a daily or weekly calendar is here to rescue you. The benefit of an already written schedule is that you can prevent pressure.

Planning everything at the start of the week is helpful. List every post for each day or plan before the beginning of the week.

Tools to Create Social Media Calendar

There are numerous tools you can find online nowadays. We will mention a few best tools that can help you create a social media calendar.

1. Excel:

The most renowned tool to create a social media calendar is Excel. It is a highly versatile tool that you can use easily. Also, it has numerous forms that you need for creating a calendar.

You can mold it to whatever forms you like. If you want access to work and collaborate from anywhere, it would be best to use Google Sheets.

2. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is another great tool that helps you create a social media calendar. As it is already in the calendar form, you don’t have to make much effort.

Colors are also included to highlight calendars. If you use multiple accounts to post many posts, it won’t be ideal.

It is better to use for keeping a track record of special events. It has an option to set reminders. You can set reminders for events that are coming in the week.

3. Trello:

The best thing about Trello is it has a variety of options to choose from, including organizing tasks that you can manage and looking at your project with just a glimpse.

It also allows you to enable a calendar feature that helps you to create a monthly view for your task. Trello offers cards that permit you to compose text, add labels, attach images, and lots more.

Trello offers cards that help you to work in a team.

What To Track And Evaluate?

When your calendar is all set for posting, the next step is to add a calendar to track your performance.

There are many tools to track your performance, but we will discuss here Google Analytics. It is a great tool to track which social network is performing best and which type of content generates more leads.

Social Media Tracking

Templates for Social Media Calendars

If you don’t want to create a calendar from scratch, you want to know how to make a social media calendar.

Here are a few templates to check:

1. Hootsuite:

They have various templates for creating social media calendars. You can download and use it.

2. HubSpot:

A robust template that has different features for different tabs. If you want something for other tabs, this template is for you.

3. Solo PR pro:

There are three examples of templates you can use according to your needs. If you are looking for ideas, Solo PR pro is the best choice.

4. LocalVox:

Localvox is another great template that provides you with a monthly view of all networks on a single page.

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Final Words

Creating social media calendars is essential for avoiding any last moment hustle. It helps you brainstorm, keep a track record of your post-performance, which post is generating high traffic, and much more. We hope that this guide was helpful in starting out. Let us know in the comments below.

There are many templates available to take inspiration and ideas to create social media calendars. We have mentioned all the possible details you need to create a social media calendar.

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