How To Sell Domain Names Online? Free Outbound Templates Inside

With the internet becoming a more popular place to do business, domain names are an excellent way to make money. You can easily make $10,000 or more per month! But the process of selling your domain might take some time, and it’s important to be patient. Many aspects could affect. For example, how quickly someone bids on the domain auction, the current value of a domain, or whether you market it well enough to the potential buyers!

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process to make things easy for you. We’ll also refer you to our free email templates to create a killer copy that converts so that you can start making money by selling domains.

Step:1. Estimate The Domain Value

In the first step, you have to estimate the worth and price of a domain. While selling domain names, you have appropriately price your property depending on its backlinks, name, and other factors. Either you’re dealing with expired or unused domains. It’s essential to engage the potential buyer by highlighting your domain worth.

When it comes to pricing your domain, be sure that you’re not overpricing for the market. Your competitors may have more experience and information about what’s going on in this industry, so don’t get too confident with a high price!

Some factors that may influence the quality of the domain include:

  1. TLD (.com is the most profitable and valuable)
  2. Referring Domains (If your domain has qualitative links, its price is 10x the initial worth)
  3. Content history (In the case of expired domains, you have to check the number of drops and type of content through the Wayback machine).
  4. Pronunciation (The name of domain and number of characters matter a lot)
  5. There should be no hyphens, and anchors must be clear.

Researching the value of other domains can give you a general indication, but don’t rely on it as your true measure. You could use online estimation tools and ahrefs for precise evaluation of worth before domain buying.

Factors To Avoid In Domain Market

As easy spelling and other factors enhance the domain selling process, the following ones can reverse the condition:

1. .de And .xyz TLD

Google used to rank domains based on their TLD in the past, but now they say that all top-level domain names are treated equally. So there’s no reason why you should expect your .de or .xyz domain will be worthless just because it has an unusual name.

But still, .com seems more professional domain extension and attracts domain buyers. Therefore, you need to avoid TLDs that don’t have much value.

Use .com domain

2. Difficult Pronunciation

The value of your domain can significantly decrease if it’s difficult to spell. For example, words such as “i” and “e,” which often get mixed up when people write them down quickly in a text message or email address, are less valuable because they create more work for the search engine to index properly.

Also, the number of characters should be low to improve CTR and user experience. The shorter domains are more in demand when you visit any platform to sell domains.

3. Backlinks And RDs

If you’re dealing specifically with expired domains, links can play an important part. For example, links from high OBL or casino websites to your domain can only cause harm when you activate the domain.

But what if the links are coming from high-authority relevant domains. By finding the relevant prospects or future domain owners, you can enhance your chances to sell a domain at a high price.

Step:2 – Find The Right Marketplace For Selling

A better understanding of your domain’s worth will help you determine the best way to sell it. You have several options when looking for buyers, including some popular sites like eBay and Afternic that allow you to list items on their site to find people who are interested or buy directly

Also, you can go through a few different sites that specialize in various aspects of buying and selling domains. eBay is one such place where people list their domains with the hopes they can catch someone’s eye while trying out some other options as well! You can also check out domain auctions (e.g., GoDaddy auctions) and relevant services.

Use of Sedo

Step:3 – Create A Listing

One of the most important things to do when selling a domain is optimizing it. You can maximize your chances for success by ensuring that you’re putting in all-out effort and attention so as not to have any half-assed work, which will only backfire on you later down the line!

You can make it attractive by:

  1. Showing the stats (DA, PA, CF, TF)
  2. Domain Traffic (If any)
  3. Linking and referring domains

Step:4 – Find Direct Prospects

The process of selling domains is a B2B one. If you’re not using the marketplaces, try finding direct prospects.

Your email address has the power to either strengthen or weaken your credibility in this instance. Also, business emails have an advantage over free ones because they’re more professional-sounding with less spammy language.

A custom domain email is essential for building credibility with your prospects. It won’t cost you much and can make the difference between success or failure!

Sending Emails

After getting a customized email address, the next step is to send emails to the potential business owners for a domain sale. At this step, your creativity to convince matters a lot! You need to make sure that your email is professionally written with catchy subject lines to improve CTR.

If it is something you lack in, don’t worry. Using catchy email templates can be an easy solution. We’re using Outbound. Domains in this regard. They’re great comparing the other free poorly-written templates available online.


The domain sellers are always left in a difficult spot. They need to write their emails for the clients. Luckily, the experts have already written outbound templates that will make your job much easier!

The people who buy domains from you don’t want anything but professionalism and engagement. So it’s important not only what comes out of your mouth when speaking with them, but also how well-formatted everything else is as well, such as text or images.

You can find quality email marketing material on their website that sounds friendly yet engaging enough, so buyers get absorbed easily while reading. You can customize them according to your niche, and you’ll be good to go!

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Starting With Warm-Up

Warming up your email account before sending it is a crucial step to take to avoid having it flagged as spam. Primarily, it helps prevent emails from getting identified as such by filters in the inbox so that you can have peace of mind knowing they won’t be automatically deleted or sequestered away into folders where most recipients don’t see them! Also, it increases limits when sending out certain types of messages like newsletters or promotions.

Importance Of Subject Lines

The subheaders can tell recipients how and what information to expect from their emails. Make sure your message is targeted toward the intended recipient, whether their name or their corporation. You can increase the open rate to 35% if you understand the engagement level.

It improves customer relationships with the recipient by increasing the chances that one click gets opened. By using services of, you’ve got covered to sell domain names.

Customize And Personalize To Sell Domain Names

Personalized email is an effective way to increase the rate at which cold emails are opened. Your Email Template should contain customized variables for each user. The names of the companies, the product lines, and the prospect names are personalized to make the prospect feel like you’re sending one to one email. Personalized e-mails dominate your the as highly relevant and uniquely targeted content.

Use Outbound Templates Inside

Follow-Up Email

It is not enough to send an email once and pray for the best in today’s business world. You have got to be persistent if you want a response from your prospects! Persistence pays off in sales because most people love being approached by someone who cares about them.

So follow-up emails can really boost open rates on initial outreach attempts while also making sure those messages land with audiences eager through thick and thin alike.

A/B Testing Process

A/B testing has been crucial in enhancing response and open rates. You can test two or three variations of the subject line and email to see which has received the best reply. Test if throwing a relevant question catches the prospect’s attention or adds a personalization variation like the prospect name or the company’s name attracts.

With, you won’t need to carry out this step as their templates are already tested, and you can start cold email campaigns for the domain industry and enhance outbound sales.

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Step:5 – Receive Payments And Transfer Domain

Once you have the deal and set up a fixed price for the domain, it’s time to transfer it and receive your payment. A few things to consider in this regard include:

Use Of Escrow Service

There are many ways to protect your domain from scammers and tricks, but one of the best is using an escrow service. An expert third party will act as a neutral arbitrator during negotiations between buyers and sellers on platforms like Sedo marketplace. They can hold funds safely until both parties have been satisfied with their purchase or sale agreement and delivery.

Domain Transfer

After you’ve agreed on a price and completed the sale of your website, it’s finally time to transfer ownership. The process will vary depending upon how exactly that web address was sold, but most often, there are three basic steps for the transfer process:

  1. The seller submits the authorization code to initiate the process.
  2. Then, once the process is complete, the seller can request payment from escrow.
  3. The domain name will be transferred to the interested buyer searching for the perfect domain!

Learning how to sell a domain name is not easy, but it could be financially rewarding. Hopefully, these tips have given you some guidance on evaluating your own domains and maybe even helped you find one that’s perfect for you! You can also check the guide about WordPress security while creating a site.

Domain Transfer

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve shared resources to help you learn how domain names work and what steps are necessary to sell them online. We hope that the information provided has been helpful for you. Don’t forget to check out the outbound email templates to enhance your conversion. If you have any questions about domains or want more guidance on where to start your search for a domain name, feel free to reach out!


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