How To Fix iOS 15 Facetime Glitch? 8 Quick Solutions

FaceTime is a proprietary video app or calling service available on iOS. The FaceTime app was doing quite well until some iPhone users complained that the app stopped working unexpectedly. If you’re the one looking for the solution to fix this issue, you are exactly at the right place.

There are plenty of reasons involved in causing the FaceTime glitch. It may be due to your device’s connection speed, incorrect date, and time settings, or your country’s inability to support FaceTime apps. Whatever the reason is, you can have the solution to resolve the problem.

Let’s discuss all the possible solutions in this article:

1. Restart your Smartphone

The first and the simplest thing you need to do is to reboot your iPhone. It is the easiest way to wipe away the possible glitches. If there are any clear cache data issues, rebooting will also resolve them.

For restarting your device following are the instructions you need to follow:

  • Press and hold the Volume up button, then quickly release it > press the Volume Down button quickly and release it.
  • Next, hold and press the power key for a few seconds to appear in the power menu on the iPhone screen.
  • Swipe to the Power off option of your device.
  • After turning it off, wait for a while and restart your smartphone again.

2. Check Your Connection Speed

Your connection speed or internet connection matters the most. You must check your wifi connection, including modem or router and if you’re using mobile data, then check the signal whether they are working fine or not. If you find any connection error, whether it’s speed or anything else, immediately contact your internet service provider. He will help you further.

3. FaceTime Settings

FaceTime settings errors can also cause glitching issues; you can check settings by following the mentioned instructions.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and search the Cellular option.
  • Scroll downward to the list of installed apps. Now make sure that the FaceTime toggle is turned on.
  • If the toggled is turned off, then turn it on.
  • Reboot your iPhone device and check again about the issue.

If the FaceTime toggle was already turned on for cellular data, then you need to follow the steps we will mentioned here to check whether the settings are correct or not.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the FaceTime app.
  • Make sure the FaceTime toggle is turned on.
  • It’d be better to check your Apple ID and cell phone number, which will be listed below.

If the Apple ID isn’t yours or shows incorrect information, you should go back to the main settings page and make necessary changes according to your information.

 iOS 15 Facetime Glitch

4. Sign Out And Sign Up Again

The next thing you can do to fix the glitching error in the FaceTime app is logged out and log in after some time. It might be possible that FaceTime account cache data is the reason behind the problem. When you sign out of your FaceTime app, it’ll help in clearing any possible glitches or data cache issues.

If you find any issue, then you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your device, scroll down to the page, and click on the FaceTime app.
  • Now Tap on Apple ID inside the page and hit the sign-out option.
  • After logging out of your FaceTime app, reboot your iPhone before signing in again.
  • Again Go to the FaceTime settings app and click “Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime.”
  • Log in now by using your Apple ID information and check again whether the issue is still there not.

5. Update Your Device

Various reasons can cause many issues, including the FaceTime app glitching. One of them is outdated devices. Your iPhone might be of older versions and has not been upgraded for so long. When the device becomes obsolete enough, it can lead to several issues. Maybe your performance has a bug, and you’ve not updated it.

You can resolve this issue by following the mentioned steps:

  • Go to Settings > General > Software update.
  • Doing this can help in automatically checking for software updates.
  • If any update is available, you can tap on download and then install it.
  • Here you may need to enter the device password.
  • Once the installation process is complete, the device will restart automatically.
  • You’ve to be patient because it may take some time.

Update Your Device

6. Availability In Your Region

Some countries don’t support FaceTime apps in particular regions. You should check whether your government is allowing the FaceTime apps or not. You can check Apple support for further information. If availability is the cause, then a VPN can overcome this problem. Using a VPN on your device can avoid geo-restrictions. However, we can’t assure you that using a VPN will work or not. You can check by yourself.

7. Update FaceTime App

If none of the above-listed fixes worked for you, then it would be worth mentioning to check for FaceTime app updates and install the available latest version. You can simply open the Apple App Store, search for the FaceTime app, and then upgrade it. After upgrading it to the latest version, restart your device and check whether the issue is still present or not.

8. Check Data and Time

Incorrect Date and Time settings of your device can also cause glitching issues. Make sure you check your date & time settings. With data and time, also check the time zone of your region.

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FaceTime app is an appropriate app for face calling on various iOS devices. However, sometimes users have to face glitching issues. These issues can be caused by numerous reasons, including incorrect date and time settings, outdated FaceTime app or smartphone, internet connection, or maybe your country doesn’t support FaceTime apps. This article has mentioned all the possible solutions for glitching issues. You can try whatever suits you the best. Let us know which of the solutions worked for you.

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