10 Tips And Hacks For Instagram Reels Promotion

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With over a billion active users, it’s a great place to share your photos and videos with the world. If you’re looking to make your Instagram reels more popular, here are 12 tips and hacks to help you out!

1. Create a Unique Selling Proposition

One of the most essential things in selling a product is to have a unique selling proposition. This is essentially what makes your Instagram reel different from the countless others on the internet and differentiates you from other businesses competing for attention.

This can be achieved by incorporating new technology into your business or adding special touches that customers won’t find anywhere else. For example, if you own an ice cream shop, consider offering free samples before letting customers buy (this has been proven to increase sales).

It could also help if your company offered personalized packaging based on customers’ names or favorite flavors. These small changes make people feel special and more inclined to tell their friends about your brand.

2. Make it Interactive

Since social media is all about engagement, try to make your posts interactive in some way.  This could be as simple as asking followers questions or holding contests.

By involving customers with every post you create, you increase the likelihood of them sharing your content with their friends and family members.  Additionally, by adding alternate endings to photos, people will be more likely to share each post in an attempt to guess what comes next.

3. Use Hashtags Sparingly

Hashtags have become extremely popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter over the past few years.  Even if you are not creating a viral trend, hashtags are still used everywhere.

This is good news for Instagram reel owners because they can use popular hashtags to attract more customers. However, over-using hashtags have the potential to harm. One of the most common mistakes on Instagram reels is adding too many hashtags in each post. Not only does this look spammy and unprofessional, but it also reduces the overall engagement of your posts.

Instagram Reels

4. Post Every Day (Or As Often as Possible)

When people think about online marketing, they typically think of big corporations like Amazon or Apple with impressive advertising budgets. But small business owners don’t need expensive ad campaigns to become successful on social media.

With the right content, hashtags, and audience, creating a compelling Instagram reel can be done with little or no cost at all. The only requirement is that you post every day.

If you already have an existing business with physical locations, you should consider hiring someone to create the posts for you.  Posting consistently will increase your exposure online while also building trust between customers and your brand.

5. Make Your Content Stand Out

As we mentioned earlier, overusing hashtags is counterproductive to Instagram reels (and any marketing campaign). This holds true even if your business appears at or near the top of search results based on those tags. Being first doesn’t always mean being profitable.

This means businesses are more pressured to create unique, original content that speaks to specific audiences. The more personal you can make your posts, the better chances they’ll have of going viral.  Be sure to respond directly to comments made by followers too. This will make them feel appreciated and increase their loyalty to your brand.

6. Show Your Products in Action

Even though Instagram reels are typically composed of images, they should still tell a story or evoke some sort of emotion.  The best examples show people using the products you sell or entertainingly interacting with your company.

For example, an adventurer and professional skier take his followers along in form of Instagram stories whenever he embarks on expeditions or experiences something new.  This helps them feel more involved in the brand experience, which will improve their relationship with your business.

7. Don’t Forget to Sell

Every Instagram profile has its own unique selling point, so businesses need to highlight the things they do best or offer discounts on specific products for Instagram users.

For example, most profiles focus on their expertise in selling high-quality goods and services. But suppose you’re selling a digital product like ebooks or video courses. In that case, you can easily use Instagram reels to provide free samples of those materials as an incentive for potential customers.


8. Try Collaborating with Other Brands

If you work from home, your followers can’t visit your office or factory floor. This means they’ll likely have limited knowledge of the day-to-day operations of your company.

Collaborations with other local businesses, as well as non-profits and charities, can help spread awareness of what you do without appearing overly self-promoting. Plus, those types of partnerships usually don’t cost a thing.

You can even encourage people to share images or video clips from events and create reels videos to promote them. A reel ad is not necessary and you can try organic video marketing as well by making catchy short videos with help of the reels tab.

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9. Give Employees a Chance to Shine

As we mentioned, Instagram reels are a great way to build a strong personal connection between customers and brands.  But who says only the owner/founder should be featured on those posts?

If it makes sense for your business’s unique selling point, include photos and videos from employees as well.  People like seeing “real” people instead of pictures of logos and products.

10. Stay on Top of New Opportunities

Instagram reels could help your business stand out from the competition, but it’s worth repeating since this is such a valuable way to improve your brand’s visibility.

New technologies come out all the time, and if you’re not keeping up with them, other businesses will be able to capitalize on those opportunities before you have a chance.

Many people use Instagram reels ads for promotion purposes. But, apart from Instagram ads, you can also consider using free alternatives like influencer marketing campaigns, giveaways with other brands, and even content promotion through Facebook groups before making that leap.

After all, your posts have to be 100% unique or original. As long as they’re interesting enough for people to share, you’ll likely get a lot of engagement from the larger Instagram community too.

Summing Up

We hope that you have found these tips and hacks for Instagram reels feature helpful promotion. As always, if you need any help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you in promoting your reel on Instagram other than Instagram reels ad.

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