How To Improve Bluetooth Signal Strength? An Ultimate Guide

Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth has made lives so much easier. Bluetooth connection technology proves to be a great convenience in this regard. When everybody carries cordless phones, then why not a cordless connecting device. You no longer have to take extra wires with you all the time. It is indeed a revolutionary technology connecting all your devices.

Bluetooth connection devices are used to connect mobile devices with headphones. Still, this technology is widely used to connect multiple electronic devices such as laptops, androids, computers, etc., to a single connected device. Though, it carries one limitation, which is the minimal connectivity of the Bluetooth range. But you can fix the Bluetooth signal strength issues with a few tips and tricks. Follow us for a quick solution to this poor Bluetooth signal problem.

Bluetooth Range

The first thing we need to know is the range of Bluetooth devices. The maximum adequate capacity provided by most Bluetooth devices is 30 feet or 55 to 78 meters. Therefore, the communication distance matters a lot. But, Bluetooth strength also depends upon the applied area. For example, if there are thick walls, too many obstacles, or an unsupported electromagnetic environment, the device’s effective range and a signal will vary accordingly. There are three regular classes of Bluetooth.

  • Class 1: 10MW transmission with 100 meters range for another Bluetooth device.
  • Class 2: 2.5MW transmission with 10 meters range for other Bluetooth devices.
  • The Class 3: 1MW transmission with less than 10 meters range for other wireless devices

Now, we will move towards the solution to this annoying and recurring Bluetooth interruption problem.

Bluetooth Signal Strength

Role Of Situation

Situations play a vital role in the quality and strength of Bluetooth signals. First, You need to look at your wireless connection unit and connected device in relevance to the present situation. If you find obstruction between the connected device, then the communication will affect it. Try changing the position of both connected devices.

  • Don’t keep your devices in the pouch or bag while being connected.
  • Don’t cover them up with a cloth or anything else while in a state of connection.
  • It will also affect the Bluetooth strength and performance of the device.
  • Try keeping them in open space while you are using the Bluetooth feature.
  • Try to place both devices in close contact. This will improve signal transmission and signal strength.

Signal Interference

It often happens due to Wi-Fi devices as both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi units use a frequency of the same bandwidth, 2.4GHz, causing signal interference. To reduce signal interference, disable the wi-fi feature while devices are using Bluetooth function. If you are using the internet and Bluetooth simultaneously, try not keeping the connected devices closer. Keep a minimum distance of 10 meters from the Wi-fi routers. 

  • Try using the unit far away from electronic devices, especially microwave oven or other machines generating electromagnetic radiation.
  • Try keeping the metal stuff away from the transmitting device as it can cause interruption.
  • If multiple heavy applications such as Facebook Twitter Email run simultaneously at the connection device, the transmission of Bluetooth technology gets affected by it.
  • Try using fewer features at a time to impede connection with better results.
  • Close all unnecessary running applications to receive better signals and avoid slow Bluetooth transmission.

Signal Interference

Bluetooth Router

If the 10 meters limitation is frustrating you and you want to connect more than seven devices to your Bluetooth network at a time, then you should try the available Bluetooth routers. These routers boost the performance and extend the coverage area by providing maximum coverage with exceptional signal strength.

  1. Signal interference, voice issues can all be resolved by mounting a Bluetooth router. Your devices will be connected even at a significant distance with uncompromised signal transmission without any signal issues.
  2. To overcome Bluetooth issues, you can also use a Bluetooth signal extender that directly attaches to your working device and strengthens the transmit power and receivers signal quality. It also assists in the prevention of interception.


If you play your music above the advised level, the sound may start to skip a bit. A glitch is most likely to occur in most devices. Therefore, other solutions require you to check the provided specifications and system preferences of the device. Daily resetting is also a great option as it will remove errors, clear cobwebs, and increase the receiving strength.

  • First of all, you need to adjust the sound settings in your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Power off your headset, then turns it on again by pressing the power button and volume button at a time.
  • Shift the quality sound mode to a stable priority connection. The problem of poor Bluetooth strength will solve.
  • You also need to check for the battery as a less charged or poorly maintained battery may cause reduced signals.
  • If the device contains a removable battery, then give it a thorough check.
  • Look for swelling or corrosion, and if it’s present instantly, opt for a new one.

It is essential to update the phone itself as interrupts by memory constraints, and regular software makes ways for short-circuiting. Therefore, keeping the cache clear and all connected devices used adequately with regular updates is good.

Sometimes technology advancement also causes the old machines to lag in catching signals as old software becomes unable to handle the rapid transmission rate from advanced technological devices.

Bluetooth Router


The trend of wireless communication and connection is making its way. More and more people are using advanced wireless devices for connection and communication. The main reason is multiple offered features such as integration with various devices. Check for tips on getting stronger WIFI signals for help!

The range of any Bluetooth device depends equally on the transmitting and receiving device as both processes go hand in hand. The device must function properly to get the best results. However, we hope our mentioned problems with an effective solution would be a great help.

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