How To Fix iOS Update Stuck? 8 Solutions

Usually, IOS updates are easy to download and install on your phone. However, sometimes the new updates get stuck at some point but, in rare cases, fail to download, prepare and install.

If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry. We are here to rescue you again. It can happen for numerous reasons, such as connection speed, other apps, etc. This article will discuss a few simple instructions to solve this issue.

You can easily fix the iPhone stuck on the update screen by following these steps. Let’s get started.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

For any time of update in your IOS, the connection speed matters the most. The first thing you need to do is to run a speed check. Whether open YouTube or any other app to test the network speed and make sure your iPhone is connected to an accurate working WIFI connection. You can also check your connection speed with the help of any app.

The standard speed of the internet should be 5Mbps or above. It’d be considered a good speed if your connection speed is 5mbs or around. Ensure you are not using VPN because it can slow down your internet speed.

To regain your connection speed, turn off your WIFI router or modem and restart the device. It is a tried and trusted solution for such problems. You can also use another WIFI connection for a while. It can also help in updating your IOS.

2. Hard Reset Your IOS device

Sometimes your iPhone system crashes, which is why your iPhone is stuck on the update requested. It causes your iPhone to freeze. If this happens with your device, you can hard reset your iPhone. Turn it off and then on the back. It will help in unfreezing your device.

There are numerous ways you can utilize to unfreeze your phone. The method depends on the model of the device you have.

iPhone SE and Previous Versions

Hold power and Home button simultaneously until your device turns off and the Apple logo appears on the screen.

IPhone7 And iPhone8

Press and hold power and volume button until your device turns off, and the Apple logo appears on the center of the screen.

iPhone X

Press the volume up button and volume down button, then hold and press the side button until your iPhone shuts down and the Apple logo flashes on the screen.

Fix iOS Update Stuck

3. Clear More Storage Space

Your iPhone update may be stuck due to not having enough storage, or it may be stuck somewhere in between. Before initiating the update download, your device will let you know the file size and how large it is. Usually, the iPhone updates are between 1.5GB and 2GB. However, you must have a double storage place to download and launch the update.

You can ensure enough storage space going to your device settings. Go to Settings > Generals > iPhone storage. If you are out of storage, you must delete some media or offload apps you don’t usually use. It’ll help in freeing up the storage in your device.

4. Remove Beta Software or Incomplete Updates

Previously downloaded iOS beta or an incomplete update can also raise the issue of stuck iOS updates. You must uninstall the beta or eliminate the former update’s installation package. The next step is to go to your device settings, go to General > iPhone Storage, and scroll down to the list of apps until you find the software upgrade. Click on it and select the Delete option to get the job done. After deleting the update file, you can move to General > Software Update to restore the phone.

5. Restart Your Phone

To restore your device, first, you’ve to shut it down. To turn it off, you have to a physical button. Go to Settings, and open settings > General > Shut Down if the buttons are causing any issue or not working. Wait for a minute, and then use the power button to turn the device on. If nothing works, plug your iPhone into the charger, it’ll also help switch on the device. A restart can fix the stuck update issue. In case it doesn’t, move to the next step.

Restart the phone

6. Remove the iOS 15.3 Download File

If none of the solutions we have listed earlier work on your device, you can try this one. Go to Settings > Generals > iPhone storage. Here you’ll see the iOS 15.3 update file, tap it and erase it from the next section. Now restart your iPhone and open settings > General > Software Update. Try to download the latest version of the update again.

7. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes people get stuck while updating their iPhone devices to the latest updates. And no solution worked. In this situation, you’ve to rest the network settings. It’ll help you download the latest iPhone update. To do this Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings.

Doing this will not erase all your data. However, you’ll lose a few settings such as WIFI, VPN, and Bluetooth. You’ve to reset them. Once the resetting process is completed, connect to the WIFI settings and try to download it. It should work properly.

Reset Network Settings

8. Check The Device System Status

You should check the Apple system status and wait for some time. When a new update is available, people around the globe want to be the testers. As a result, the Apple servers cannot be ruled out due to overloading. You can check by visiting the Apple system status page and make sure to see a green dot for Apple store, iCloud, Accounts & sing in. You must watch if you don’t see a green dot until the Apple system fixes it.

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Usually, the process of updating iPhones is quite easy. However, sometimes the update got stuck somewhere in between due to some issues. We have tried to list some of the major factors that caused the update to get stuck. You can follow all the listed instructions in this article, and the problem will be solved.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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