How To Stop Netflix From Lagging? An Ultimate Guide

Are you a diehard fan of the Netflix series? Imagine! In the middle of your favorite scene, your Netflix freezes or shows an error. This won’t be an ideal scenario.

Netflix app is one of the most popular platforms to enjoy your cinematic evening with your family at affordable prices. But the only issue people face is Netflix latency.

This issue has various reasons, such as your internet connection speed, unnecessary apps running in the background, and much more.

Here we will discuss how to stop Netflix from lagging.

Let’s dive in.

Why Is My Netflix Lagging?

The quality of Netflix streaming isn’t based on the package you’ve purchased. It depends on the speed of your network.

The term lagging defines the total duration of data packets traveling from one server to another. If there is congestion between the two servers, you’ll face lagging while streaming Netflix. Also, the wireless router presence and preferred DNS server (Google public DNS address) also matter a lot.

Here, we will discuss the solution you can follow to enjoy your Netflix streaming without any issue.

1. Check Your Connection Speed

Your internet speed is probably the main reason behind Netflix lagging. From a device such as a laptop or PC, you’re using it for Watching Netflix, using a service like speed test.

In this way, you can know how fast your connection is performing if it’s not up to the requirement of Netflix. You can go to settings and set according to your needs.

Make sure you don’t have unnecessary apps or devices connected to your network. It should be using bandwidth. The last thing you can do is to contact your internet service provider.

2. Reset Network Equipment

Another reason is your network equipment like modem or router. It may cause Netflix to lag. You can restart your modem to fix this issue.

Power cycling your router occasionally will help you avoid Netflix. Unclog the plug and power it back. It will help if there is any malfunctioning, such as the switch being correctly plugged into a socket.

Any gap between your switch and socket can affect internet speed resulting in a Netflix lag.

3. Use Of Reliable VPN

Most people use VPN for streaming regionally blocked content on Netflix. And it’s justified concerning we don’t have any other option.

Although VPN is the only way to watch restricted content, it can cause lag if you’re using free options that reduce your internet speed. Also, free local VPN extensions are harmful in terms of data breaches and security.

To prevent lag and ensure security, you need to use a reliable network that shields your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi. NordVPN is the best in this regard and you can follow the button below to get a great deal now.


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We did a speed test with NORD VPN and these are the results:

nordvpn speed


So as you can see in this case using a quality VPN your streaming will be ten times better with NORD VPN. We highly recommend it if your Netflix is Lagging.


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Also, do follow our post where we’ve compared the best VPNs for gaming and streaming and explained them in detail. You’re sure to find the best option that’s fit for your budget and will guard against hackers, snoops on public networks, and prevent lagging.

4. Close Background Apps

Many apps running can also cause Netflix lagging. Many apps like iCloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox eat up a lot of bandwidth on your network.

Also, if you have one connection at your home and all family members use one network on all devices, it may make your Netflix experience laggy.

Try to close all the background apps like YouTube Facebook. Any downloading or transferring files takes your internet bandwidth.

If you stop everything in the background, it will divert your system’s attention to one crucial app. It helps you avoid Netflix lagging issues.

5. Change The DNS Server

Domain names are the primary source to get information on the Internet. Their function is to translate domain names into IP addresses which helps browsers load online resources.

They can solve your Netflix lagging issue.

You can convert a PCs’ DNS server to DNS into a DNS server to check whether the Netflix issue is resolved or not. It requires only a few steps:

  • Go to the control panel of your PC.
  • Visit the option View network status and tasks.
  • Click change adapter settings.
  • Select the properties option.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version.
  • Click properties.
  • Go to Use the following DNS server address.
  • Now type in your desired DNS server.
  • Now the last option is to type in an alternative DNS server option

You can use the following DNS server addresses as we mentioned above to fix Netflix issue and maintain video quality.

DNS Server

6. Avoid Wireless Interference

When you’re watching your favorite shows or movies on Netflix through a wireless connection, it can cause Netflix lagging.

It happens due to wireless interference. Place your Wifi router at the center of your home. It’ll help you get better signals.

Don’t place any wireless devices near your routers, such as cordless phones or ovens. It also captures your network signal. It’s better to turn off any such device.

7. Update Drivers

It would help if you had an idea that outdated software and graphics can cause many problems, like Netflix lagging.

Drive updates are usually automatic. Whenever your windows update, your drivers automatically get updated.

But if you want to check if your drivers need any updates. Go to Device Manager, uninstall and then install. Now, restart your computer.

8. Update Chrome Browser

It’s better to keep your browser updated. If it is not the latest version, you’ll face lagging issues.

The chrome browser is constantly updated automatically, but it may not update if you have any issues. It may not be correct.

You can check if your browser is updated or not. Go to About Google Chrome and see the versions. If it is not the latest update it.

9. Contact Your ISP

If nothing works, then you have an option to contact your internet service provider. He will tell you tips to avoid high ping, advanced troubleshooting tips, and how to reduce lag. You can deal with weak or unstable connections in this way and fix your lagging problem.

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When you come back home after an exhausting day at the office or school, you need something to relax. Netflix helps you watch your favorite season to refresh your mind.

But when you face issues like lagging, it is frustrating. Lagging can be caused by network speed, running apps in the background, a slight malfunction of the plugging switch, etc.

The speed of the network matters the most. Try to use the fastest speed internet services.

You can try all the solutions mentioned above to avoid lagging issues. Upgrading your plan and contacting ISP will also help.

We hope our guide will help to fix the issue. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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