4K TV Buying Guide: Spend Less for More Return

4K TV Buying Guide: Things you can’t Afford to Miss

You just like most people on earth have been watching TV for a while now, and you might be thinking of making the transition to a higher-end smart TV with a 4k display for example right? But if you don’t know much about TVs I recommend you keep reading this 4K TV buying guide and get a much better understanding before buying your first 4K TV!

With so many TV on the market it can almost be impossible to make the right choice in buying your new 4K TV, but don’t you worry, I wrote this 4K TV guide to totally explain to you every single bit you need to know before spending your hard-earned money! You can use this article as your personal checklist before you hit the shopping centers or your favorite online stores.

  1. Size and setup

The first thing which you need to consider is the living space for your entertainment. You need to know the exact dimensions of your home, while you also need to know where and how you want to place the TV. The wall should have adequate white spacing on either side and a power outlet as well.

If you are planning to use the TV stand, try to include the dimensions of the TV+ stand in your calculation to avoid any inconvenience later. Stands can vary in their application, like legs, wall-mounted, and Anker supported, etc. Therefore you defiantly need to keep that in mind too.

  1. Resolution

I can imagine, you would be assuming “4K” with a full 4000 pixels but it is actually not the case. The pixels are somewhat around 3,840. This has become more common in HD, FHD, and UHD, etc with 720 px, 1024 px, 2160 px respectively. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in a given area. That means, your 50-inch TV would have 4 times more pixels in a 4K display as compared to an HD (1024 px) display. This will result in a fine image with more depth, color contrast, and accuracy.

  1. HDR


The HDR stands to the high-dynamic range. Apart from the technical gimmicks, it refers to the picture quality with increased picture resolution. This feature makes the color more vibrant and expressive, while you may notice much increase in the brightness, color gamut, and contrast.

Does HDR come in a single version? After I did the research, HDR comes in a variety of versions depending on the manufacturer, therefore you need to be aware of it before making the decision. Some types are Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, etc. Moreover, different TV manufacturers might use the same specs but with different results. So, keep an eye on that as well.

  1. Smart TVs

What is a smart TV? Like the name suggests it is smart in terms of performing tasks with the latest technologies like connection over WIFI, LAN, or ethernet with pre-loaded apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. Like any other TV, it also comes in a variety of configurations like resolution, style, connectivity, size, and performance.

You have to keep in mind that every manufacturer uses different software like LG, Samsung, Song, Google Chromecast, etc. which possess different features and functionalities. I personally prefer smart TV for their super convenient connectivity across multiple devices and ability to share your watch list with your friends.

  1. Refresh rate

Initially, I found it difficult to understand the refresh rate. Can I make it simple for you?

It refers to the number of frames per second or the frequency of frames. So, that means, higher refresh rate carries more frames and resultantly better image quality. It is calculated or measured in Hz and comes with mode options selection for the users. A screen with a higher refresh rate will be smoother and color-accurate.

The high refresh screens like 120 Hz are not for everyone if you are a normal user, a 60 Hz refresh screen would be a better choice, which will also help save your hard-earned money. These high refresh screens are for E-sports gamers and content creators who require image detailing for their projects.

  1. Variable refresh rate

Unlike refresh rate, the VRR is the new entrant in the market. It is aimed to target a large segment of people who have mixed lifestyles and they enjoy being simple users sometimes, while aggressive at others. Hence, VRR allows control over the refresh rate based on the usage and application.

Bottom line, make sure to check if your TV support VRR if you’re planning to play games, but for occasional gaming, check for hybrid ports like HDMI and graphic card slot.

  1. OLED

The organic light-emitting diode helps in making the screen look to its utmost brightest color possible. It means when the pixel is shut, it goes back to perfectly black creating the best blend of the pixel, hence it not only gives pure black but white color too. Moreover, they suppress any light bleed, therefore avoiding accidental mixing of neighboring colors which results in poor image quality.

You can also watch this helpful video for a better understanding.

Do you need a soundbar?

TV Soundbar

I have covered everything related to the picture, its quality, and the features it should carry. But what about the sound?

Sound or speakers in a 4K TV can have a significant impact on the overall entertainment experience for you. The soundbars are used for this purpose, as they are put at the front of the screen in an elegant manner. These are sometimes packed with advanced features and functionalities like voice command, fuller-sound system, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.

Do you really need a soundbar or are the inbuilt speakers enough? First, it depends on features and spending depth. You need to compare the prices of this extra addon with the overall billing. So, in case you don’t want to, you can save the upfront initial cost incurred.

Nonetheless, you still have the option of getting this addon when you actually need them, like throwing a party for friends and family, etc.

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Wrapping it Up!

Hopefully, you have been familiarized with some of the newer terms and trends in today’s TVs. Now that you have a gist of all the knowledge you need, it is best to arrange a short trip to your nearby store and compare the 4K TVs physically. Also, be sure to check out online and go through the reviews from an online community to get a better idea.

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